retracted slide and travel

When we bought our 2021 North Trail 22FBS I asked the dealer during the walkthrough for some travel advice with loading. We carry a Blackstone griddle/grill combo ( that breaks apart and fits in travel bags. Total weight around 80 lbs. They suggested traveling with this on top of the u-shaped dinette in the bed layout (i.e., the retracted slide). We never stand nor sit in the retracted slide as that never seemed safe to me. However, now after stumbling across some videos on the internet I am second-guessing traveling with weight on the slide even if it is evenly distributed with a low center of gravity, I place it down very gently, and there is nothing else of significant weight on the retracted slide. The slide appears to be a cable system if that makes a difference.


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I would agree that closer to the floor would be better. As far as the slide itself goes, I’m sure you are fine. The cable driven slides usually only have alignment issues when the nuts holding the chains in place by the motor starts to loosen and shift.

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