View Full Version : Diapole antenna - not getting good reception.

03-23-2014, 12:57 PM
If you aren't picking up many radio stations you'll probably have to pull the unit out of the wall and stretch the diapole antenna out.

Ours was rolled up in a ball with a rubber band around it and barely picked up any radio stations and stuffed in the cabinet behind the unit.


John D, I have the NT 22FBS and that's what I found behind our unit as well. May I ask.... how did you "stretch" out the diapole antenna in that small compartment the unit is in??? Did that help yours? I took the rubber band off and unfolded it and laid it in the compartment loosely, helped a little. But not really satisfied with the reception. Was thinking about mounting a outside antenna but where the unit is mounted on the door side I wont be able to get it up high enough to clear the top of the RV and still be able to use the awning. The only thing I can do next is to mount the antenna on the roof..... but I don't really like putting in another hole up there if you know what I mean. I have seen other RV's that do put the radio antenna up on the roof. Any suggestion anyone?