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06-28-2014, 05:25 PM
As everyone probably knows, the Heartland Owners Club is primarily a social club that operates for the benefit of its members. The club is organized into 7 Regions with each Region having multiple Chapters. Each Region has a Regional Director and each Chapter has a Chapter Leader.

Rallies are a big part of the social aspect of the club. It is at the rallies that HOC members meet other members to share ideas, conversation, experiences and, best of all, food. Chapter Rallies are hosted by the Chapter Leader and held within the physical area of their Chapter.

Without a Chapter Leader, a Chapter simply ceases to function as the HOC desires. Being a Chapter Leader is not a life-long commitment. We only ask that the Leader commit a minimum of one calendar year to the role. When a Chapter Leader steps down from their role the Regional Director begins an active search for a member (or couple) willing to take on the position. If this search is not successful, after a period of time, the now inactive Chapter is folded under the umbrella of a neighboring Chapter with a Chapter Leader.

This is what has occurred with the New Brunswick Chapter. All the provinces formerly under the New Brunswick Chapter will now move under the Quebec Chapter. These provinces are New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. Members who were previously under the New Brunswick Chapter are now under the Quebec Chapter.

If, in the future, someone in the Maritime provinces would like to try the Chapter Leader role, a Chapter can be activated again.

The Chapter Leaders of the Quebec Chapter are Robert Letourneau and Louise Nadon (letourno).

If anyone has any questions, please contact me at club@heartlandowners.org.

Julie Hancock
Manager, Heartland Owners Club

06-29-2014, 12:07 PM
Thank you for your positive action. We know everyone will enjoy the temporary time with the Quebec Chapter Robert and Louise are great people.
Hopefully in time we will have someone step forward to try the chapter leader position. I am confident they will enjoy the experience.
Happy Trails
Wayne and Gayle Wilson