View Full Version : Approx 3 weeks with Prowler 30p rls - Initial Thoughts

06-30-2014, 04:17 PM
Well, it has been approximately 3 weeks since our new Prowler 30p rls was delivered and I have to say that we are quite impressed. It is very functional and very roomy for two people. So far we have really enjoyed it. The only down side, and I say this not taking away anything from our satisfaction with the trailer, is that Prowler could do a few minor things and it would be a total home run:

1. Improve Storage - There is huge space on either side of the bed where shelving or drawers could be added underneath the closets where clothes can be hung. This is a huge area of wasted space.
2. The floor cabinet next to the stove is a huge area that contains no shelving. A couple pull out drawers would be great.
3. The cabinet under the kitchen island is also huge space that contains no shelving or drawers.
4. The stove top should have a covered top for increased counter space.
5. Towel bars and toilet paper roll holder should be standard equipment for a lavatory.
6. Some of the finish carpentry is a bit sloppy, however, this is not a high end trailer by any means.
7. Recliners rather than swivel chairs in the living room - Not big deal though.

All this being said, we are quite pleased thus far. We are going to remedy the above by having a finish carpenter build in some pot drawer pull-outs and shelving. However, on a $25,000.00 plus trailer, it should come with these features as standard options.

In the end we are very pleased with the floor plan, functionality and color scheme. No regrets going with this model.

03-20-2015, 02:55 PM
As we move toward another camping season and I reflect back on the 2014 season, I am in a good position to share my thoughts about the Prowler 30p rls. In short, my wife and I are very impressed with the quality and floor plan. We spent approximately 60 nights in the trailer last year and have not regretted purchasing the Heartland Prowler. We have one warranty issue outstanding, regarding the slide, that was discovered in fall and will be repaired by the dealership this spring.

We are slowly customizing the trailer by adding some functional improvements such as pot/pan drawers in the kitchen and having some cabinets made to fit the large spaces on either side of the bed under the small clothes closets. This is a huge waste of space that is currently under developed

While I cannot comment on how it tows, as it is located in a seasonal spot, we are quite pleased with the options it has and the overall quality. I would have no hesitation recommending this trailer to someone else. While the floor plan may not be conducive for families, it makes for an excellent couple's trailer. We are hoping it holds up well for many, many years to come.

03-20-2015, 10:48 PM
Nice to hear that you are enjoying your new Prowler.