View Full Version : Attn: Change to the New Mexico Chapter

08-05-2014, 06:44 PM
Sadly, the new Mexico Chapter Leaders, Larry and Lynda Smith, have retired. Thank you, Larry and Lynda for your service to the Heartland Owners Club.

As no one has volunteered to take on the Chapter Leader role, the New Mexico Chapter now defaults to the Colorado Chapter.

Colorado Chapter Leaders, Monica and Don Ashby, welcome all the New Mexico Chapter members to the Colorado Chapter.

Shortly, I will be changing the home Chapter of all HOC members who are currently with the New Mexico Chapter to the Colorado Chapter. If there is another Chapter you would prefer as your home Chapter, please let me know.

Any Heartland Owners Club member may choose any active Chapter as their Club Chapter if they feel it would be more convenient for them than their current Club Chapter. Use this link (//heartlandowners.org/vbMemberManager.php) to go to your membership profile and choose your new chapter from the drop down list.

Julie Hancock
Manager, Heartland Owners Club