View Full Version : Feedback on the 38 RSRT rear step placement

08-28-2014, 08:00 PM
Hello Elkridge factory folks,

I just got done with a factory tour today and wanted to report on a potential issue that I saw with the placement of the rear steps on the 38 RSRT models. I've attached a picture which shows that the lowest point on the back of the unit is the small rear step structure. I know that these long units (42' and some change) have issues especially with the rear bumper dragging when leaving some gas stations and other places which have a steep entry/exit grade. Since there aren't any steel roller wheels to protect the steps I can only image in the steps will take the hit first and bend up quite horribly.

I provided this feedback to the tour guide, but wanted to post here just to ensure the sales/design folks who may look at this forum. I'm very interested in this floor plan and from the number on the line it's a popular floor plan out there as well. I hope it can be addressed!