View Full Version : Gateway Questions

09-25-2014, 08:38 AM
Whats superior about a Gateway ? And is warranty the same for this product ? And on the GW 3200, do the bookshelves come off in bedroom ? They are kind of in a tricky spot.

When we bought our Adirondack, the beds came dressed, pillows and pretty. Whats up now w all the beds in RVs with no pillows ? That 's a cheap way to stage a product. Nothing like an unmade bed, lol.

We looked at some RVs and its a sad thing that people present them, with trim popping off, sawdust on floor, and dont allow you to plug them in and run some stuff. Some lots dont even seem like they are trying to sell them. Dont they know ladies are buyers too and like to see a clean product ?

I do understand ladies designed the Gateway decor, thats really neat. We did like the GW product. And they had some nice pricing on it as well.