View Full Version : Tire wear

04-11-2008, 09:51 PM
We took delivery of our new BH 3400RL last December. I ordered the trailer with the axles upgraded to the 7000# w/G rated tires. I have them inflated to 108#. I check the air every time we move the trailer. We just returned from our first trip, round trip to Arizona ( a little over 2000 mi. ). We I got home we took her in for some minor warranty work. I also noticed what I think is excessive tire wear on the outside side walls of all 4 tires. When I pointed it out to the dealer he suggested I run with less air. This seems backwards for side wall wear. I ask that they check the axles and also make sure it is trailing properly, but have a sneaky suspension this won't happen. Has anyone out there had similar tire wear? And will I need to contact Heartland myself to pursue this issue?

04-14-2008, 09:03 PM
When we took delivery of our 08 3400RL the rear axle was severely bent on the left rear. Didn't notice it on the pre-delivery but it absolutely shredded that tire in only a few hundred miles. Put the spare on to get it back to the dealer and it shredded that one too- in only a hundred miles. Dealer changed out both axles (and 3 tires) on Lipperts dime and no problems since. Ours are only 6000# and E rated. I think the dealer should step up to the plate.