View Full Version : Dishwasher brand & installation

03-24-2016, 10:49 AM
I want to purchase and install a dishwasher in my Landmark Newport. I have identified two brands and models Furrion FDW185AC-SS, can be purchased on Amazon and a Vesta DWV335BB5 also under the brand name of Westland and is sold by Camping World. In looking at both units they appear to be identical. The dimensions are the same as well as the control panel layout and operation and organization of the inside wash tray. However there is a significant difference in price. Performance and quietness are key concerns. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with either of these units? A related question deals with the installation in the island under the sink. I have an early production Newport and it appears the factory changed the island door height and opening size under the sink. After the installation I will still have an opening of 9 to 10 inches above the dishwasher. I would like to avoid, if possible, trying to finish a filler panel to match the cabinet. Does anyone know if I can purchase, through a dealer, a filler panel or a drawer or door face to fill the area above the dishwasher that will match the existing finish?