Sliding Glass Door

Well, I have found the solution!! Heartland is using Kinro sliding glass doors.

(OX to XO or XO to OX)

Remove screen door, moving panel and fixed panel from door (To remove fixed panel unscrew both
the angle brackets at top and bottom of fixed meeting rail and both the panel retention brackets
mounted on fixed side frame jamb).

A. Fixed Panel Re-installation
a) Slide the pile weatherseal in frame head and sill to opposite end where the panel is to be reinstalled.
b) Swing fixed panel upside down. Now insert top of panel back into frame head track at the
opposite end and swing down into frame sill track until rests properly down.
c) Slide panel into opposite fixed side frame jamb making sure it is fully nested in the frame jamb.
d) Re-secure both the angle brackets * and retention brackets.

Note: * Caulk around the screw heads and also seal the unused holes in frame sill and head.

B. Moving Panel Re-installation
a) Remove and re-install both the roller housing assemblies in opposite rail by turning the panel
upside down.
b) Re-insert top of panel into frame head track and swing down into frame sill track.
c) When a keyed lock is used, make sure the keyed cylinder is rotated 180 degree, after the lock
handle set is dis-mounted, so that the pins are always at the top (in other words, the key is
inserted with the serrated part of the key is facing up) check out. Re-mount the lock handle set.
d) Re-adjust rollers, by repeating Step 9 above of the Installation Instructions.
e) Re-install snugger bumper on the opposite frame jamb through the pre-drilled holes provided.
f) Re-install panel stop bumpers at opposite ends.

C. Screen Door Re-installation
a) Remove screen door keeper and re-install on opposite frame jamb using the pre-punched holes
b) Swing screen door upside down. Now insert top of screen door into frame Head track at the
opposite end and swing down over frame sill track making sure the rollers are properly riding on
the track.
c) Re-adjust rollers, as necessary, with a Philips head screw driver.

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I moved into a new house last month and the sliding glass door to the deck is sticky. My last house being a brand new house, the sliding door was butter smooth and could easily be opened and closed with one hand. This one is just stubborn. What can I do to make it slide easier other than replacing it?