View Full Version : 2018 Heartland Mallard charging problem

06-11-2017, 07:15 PM
We took our new Mallard out for the night, ( first time ) plugged into a 50 amp supply and woke up to a dead battery. Anyone know why the battery didn't charge. Checked the breakers already and the radio isn't working either. Would hate to take it back to the dealership for something simple...90 miles away....thanks in advance

06-11-2017, 07:24 PM
Hi Happy-Camping-Couple,

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I'm assuming you still have interior lights that are getting power from the Power Converter while you're plugged into shore power.

Near your battery, you will find a row of small 12V DC circuit breakers like the one pictured below. They're connected by a copper buss bar, and are usually covered by a red rubber boot. One of them acts as the connection between the Power Converter and the battery. If it trips, you need to manually reset it. The reset button is teeny-tiny and can be hard to see. Sometimes you have to feel for it.

On the pictures, you'll find that the number of breakers and position of breakers are likely to differ from what you have. These are just examples from other models.

06-11-2017, 07:37 PM
Thanks so much for the quick response! I will look into it