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09-13-2017, 06:02 AM
My wife and I are not close to retirement yet, but are starting to think about the future. One idea we have is have our RV parked somewhere in the Southeast US (Northern Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina or South Carolina) during the summer then have a small home somewhere like the panhandle of Florida for the winter.

I have already started trying to research RV locations, but have not been very successful in finding what I have envisioned. I can find some campgrounds that offer monthly leases, but we would prefer to live in one of the RV communities where you have your pad for your RV then can build a small carriage home beside your pad. We do not want a huge home like the development in Crossville TN. That RV community is great, but not what I am looking for right now. All the ones I have found seem to be restricted to Class A motorhomes, but we have a Toy Hauler right now and will probably have a regular 5th wheel later. Also most of them seem to be lease vs. deeded property.

How do we search for the RV communities I have described? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

09-13-2017, 05:08 PM
One thought would be to engage a realtor. With your idea of building a home on the same site....to my thinking those places are going to be few and far between. There might be a specific way to look for that kind of place.

We are shifting our focus next year. We have used an RV to travel our 10 state sales territory since 1996. Since that time we have traveled about 6 months a year seeing customers....moving from place to place. Then winter back in Melbourne, FL in our sticks and bricks.

For next year we have rented a 6 month spot in an RV park in Maggie Valley, NC for next May to October. We are going to park the rig and do "truck loops" out to see customers and motel it. We can move so much faster this way....it will cut down on our time on the road and the demands of tear down, travel with the rig behind us, and set up.

The place we picked has no pool or facilities that would draw families (like the one across the street) so it is geared for our age group. It is only open for 6 months and if you put a deposit down on next year you can leave the rig there over the winter. Not sure we will go that route....but might.

The future thought, if we like the way it works, is to simply sell the truck and move back to a car of some kind. And then use the 5th wheel as a "condo" of sorts for a few years until our retirement. This place will "sell" your unit in place which frankly might bring more money than on a used RV lot.

Only time will tell. We will keep the truck through 2018 and if this idea does not work out.....we might just hit the road again like in the past.

09-14-2017, 08:59 AM
I use the App rvparky.com to search parks that we go too. It will give you reviews and tell about the parks.

09-14-2017, 09:16 AM
Thank you for the replies.

I have done a little more searching and found a couple of locations. One is called Crossing Creek in GA and the other is Lake Osprey in AL. I will continue to search for RV resorts like these. I emailed both locations and am waiting to hear back from them on how the site sales work.