View Full Version : What's Your Fulltiming Style?

03-26-2018, 06:53 AM
Excited to see this new forum!

We are entering our 3rd year of fulltiming.

Our current style:

We own an RV lot in Florida, we are Florida residents, in a 55+ RV park where we "sit and play" from November til April.

We leave the state of Florida in the spring/summer to travel and workamp. We are on track to leave Florida April 5th heading back out to Custer, SD to workamp at Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort where we workamped last summer.

On our "bucket" list is a summer trip up thru Alaska.

For now this fulltiming style is working for us but we can forsee a time when we travel all year and give up our spot in Florida.

How about you?


03-26-2018, 07:29 AM
We are also full-timers, in our tenth year. November will be 10 years.

We are originally from Texas, and even though we don't own a home in Texas, we use a Texas mail service, which gives us a Texas address.

We follow the south central rally"trail" in the spring and fall, with summer to travel where we please. This summer we plan to stay in Colorado. When we return to Texas and after attending the fall chapter rallies, we park-host at a Texas state park until January when we spend the remainder of the winter in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. We stay there until March when the rally season begins again.

03-26-2018, 07:42 AM
We are full timers and own our lot in Olympia WA. We are still working full time, but try to travel and see as much as possible throughout the year on our days off and during all of our vacation time. Our plan is that once we retire, we will travel all winter long in the south and then summer up in Washington.


03-26-2018, 09:30 AM
We are in our 7th year of full timing. We claim Texas as our state of residency but own no property anywhere at the present time. We winter on the coast of Mississippi where our daughter and her family own 9 acres and we have a nice site to park our rig. We leave MS in February for Texas. We have a son near Ft. Worth and stay near him until the end of April. We head for southern Indiana to spend time near our youngest son and stay there until June. Have been traveling the rest of the year but may reduce the amount of actual traveling because we have completed our goal of camping in all the lower 48 states. Now, for not owning any property, we are currently in the market for some property in Texas and southern Indiana because near Ft. Worth trying to find a RV site for 2 months is becoming more difficult due to the large number of workers and full time residents who fill the CGs. Southern Indiana is different in that there is only one CG available and so getting a spot there is very tentative each year and, to add to the unavailability issues, is the only CG will only take reservations 3 weeks before your projected stay. Ownership in those 2 places would remove a lot of stress from our lives.