EVENT: Heartland Regional Rally: NM, Albuquerque - 9/8/2020 to 9/13/2020

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Sorry Garry, You put in so much time and expense traveling back and forth to Route 66 for planning purposes. This is not to mention the hundreds of hours you must have spent setting up the rally with vendors and all other events planned.
Geez, I can't even imagine how you must be feeling right now.

Oh well, lets look to the future.



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So sorry this had to happen. I can’t imagine the hours (and bottles of wine) you put into this rally and the WY rally as well. We were all looking forward to your best rally yet!!Once you wrap up all the loose ends for Albuquerque with vendors maybe you can take some well deserved time off.

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Thank you my friend!
It has been a rush putting it all together and so sad it ended this way!
Stay well and we will hook up for lunch when I am up your way.


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Mountain Regional Rally Update:

This morning I had a conference Call with Route 66 referencing new rules the Reservation Governor has implemented on group gatherings. These rules will not allow us to use their Club house for the vendors or have any more than 12 people in the facility at any given time. Group controls would also apply to the Rally barn and the Election tent we have contracted for set up. While initially they approved our Rally attendee numbers, the Resort will hold to a 50% capacity with no exceptions through the end of 2020, requiring a reduction of 17 RV’s.
Since all our activities would be in a group setting over 120 people, we are not allowed to execute any of our Rally plans. While the Election tent may qualify for the space requirement, once the stage, tables and chairs are figured in, we no longer are able to have the adequate space separation they require. The Election tent was planned for several theater style set ups with “Elvis” to preform 3 shows on the Election Night and a comic magician the following night. The town Hall meeting with the candidates was also scheduled for this tent facility.
It is with a saddened heart that Route 66 Resort has elected to cancel our Rally dates as they are responsible to enforce all Indian Reservation rules. They cannot reasonably carry out their duties with this large of a group. In addition to our Rally, they have cancelled all groups for the year & the Balloon festival reservations.
With that said, I will be mailing everyone a full refund. Please have some patience as I am a one man show and need to cancel all contract services, notify all vendors, order additional checks as the original order was used for the Wyo Rally refunds. When sending out the checks, If I am missing an address, I will send you an email, otherwise I have copies of the checks you wrote for the Rally.
I was hoping this “Final” Regional Rally would end in one to remember, but not this kind of remembrance! I would like to end with an expression of “Thanks”, I am most grateful and humbled for all your support towards the Rally’s I hosted over the years, from the Arizona Chapter Rally’s to the Regional Rally’s. They were all done for You and I think for the most part the majority enjoyed and appreciated the work that went into them.
Hope to see you all on the Rally Road in 2021 as well at the National Rally in June 2021!
Safe Travels & Stay Well
Garry & the “Aussie” girls

Based on your email those that lost their deposits will also be receiving checks?


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So sorry to hear this Garry. I know how hard it is to put on a region rally only to have the COVID-19 take it away from all of us both organizers and participants. What a strange time we are living in.

Byrd & Nathan


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Nathan & Byrd:
Thanks for the post, got your PM and will get the check off soon.
Stay well, see you in Goshen next year.


With the event cancelled, I am wondering if there will be any members still going to stay at the Route 66 Resort during the rally time frame. We are coming out of Florida in early August and have confirmed reservations all over the Western states and was making Albuquerque part of our return leg home.


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With the event cancelled, I am wondering if there will be any members still going to stay at the Route 66 Resort during the rally time frame. We are coming out of Florida in early August and have confirmed reservations all over the Western states and was making Albuquerque part of our return leg home.

Myself and GSneed made reservations yesterday for the same timeframe (9/7-9/14) as the former Rally. Hopefully we will see you there. We will just be camping out.....


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This is such sad news for all those Heartlander's that were planning on attending. We've never been able to attend one of your rallies, but we've heard from those that have how hard you work at providing the very best rallies. May we meet someday, maybe in Goshen.


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George & Laura
Thanks for the nice comments.
I hope to see you in Goshen next june.
Stay well & safe travels.


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1. Deposit checks mailed out 7/2/20
2. Final payment checks mailed out 7/5/20
3. I have 9 missing address for mailing. Emails have been sent to these attendees
4. After all these writer cramps - a double shot of Kombucha is in order
Thanks again everyone for your support !
Stay well and safe travels



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Special Announcement for Participants who were attending the Regional Rally:

As a Thank You,
On July 26, 2020 around 9 AM AZ time,
all participants who were attending the Regional Rally will be sent a special email Invitation for an On-Line Auction.
The email will arrive via Punch-bowl Animated Service featuring a letter envelope.
Click on the envelope and your invitation will slide out.

This Auction will feature a few nice vendor prizes in support for our Rally HGB Charity – Soldiers Best Friends.

Look for your email tomorrow and check your junk mail or spam blocker if you don’t receive it.
This Special Invitation will be sent only to participants on the register prior to the Resort Notice of Cancellation.
Anyone who cancelled prior will not receive an invitation.

The email will give you complete instructions.
As a “Last Hooray” for this Rally, Let’s have some fun with this event.
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