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05-26-2018, 08:47 PM
RV Lock is having a Memorial Day sale that I would like to take advantage of but we are out of town and not able look at the Big Horn before the sale is over. We have a 2017 Big Horn 3160 EL. If you have the locks, all advice is welcome. Does anyone know how thick the baggage doors are?? And are there any doors you would not put the locks on? Iím picturing 4 baggage doors (we have an outdoor tv) and the main entry door.

This is what we get for not traveling in the trailer!!!


05-26-2018, 09:32 PM
If money is not a driving consideration, then buy locks for all doors. On my 2017 BH, I had to put an expansion template on the entry door to cover small areas not covered by the new lock. RVlock sells the templates. If the lock on the UDC side of the basement door is in-line with the UDC frame then you may have to trim the frame because the RVlocks are thicker than the stock ones and the new lock will hit the frame and fail to close. All other slam doors fit without modifications. I find the ability to lock/unlock all door with a single action very useful.