View Full Version : Pocket Doors/Bigger Sink

03-28-2009, 11:22 PM
I would love the doors on my 31QBS to be pocket doors. The space that the door takes up in the bedroom is really significant as it is a real sqeeze anyway. The real difference would be the bathroom door which really gets in the way - it would be great if that one could be a pocket. I love the bathroom in the 31qbs apart from the size of the sink - it is just way too tiny and there is room for a bigger one (we'll probably change that later)

Storage is also an issue in that there is less storage in this floor plan than most others. That being said there is significant wasted space under the bathroom sink and underneath the right side of the dinnette seating - it would be nice to have the pump sectioned off and a texas style access door to the leftover space on the end of the seating. Also sliding door access to the space underneath queen bed would make it a whole lot easier to use or at least put pistons on the box lid to help raise it.