What is added length of ramp/patio door on 2020 heartland Torqu3 TQ 371 5th Wheel?


We're looking at a used 2020 Heartland Torqu3 TQ 371 5th Wheel to improve our living space and reduce costs. (We live full time in a 2014 Winnebago Forza 34T Class A).
The Torque's published length is 41.25', but that is with the ramp buttoned up. I can't find a stat for how much parking space would be needed to allow the patio to be set up, and many parks might not have long-enough spaces. I'm guessing somewhere between 7' and 8' but would appreciate an actual figure from an owner or dealer with the real-world measurement. Also, I don't see whether there is a weather-tight door between the garage area and the patio setup when it is deployed, like overnight.

Perhaps someone has custom-made a weather door for long-term deployment.

Also - is there a washer-dryer prep for this model? We see one for sale with a Combo unit in the garage, but it looks like an after-market add in. A hookup or hookup prep is not mentioned in the company specs.

We like the king bed and the big refrigerator, and we think the garage could be made into an office/den/storage space to keep my computer and guitars out of sight from the main house. The rig would probably never be moved until we go into the home.