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    Enough Room To Raise Pinbox? Pics

    Just remember to maintain the ~6" of clearance over the bed sides and that when hooked up the hitch itself is level and not cocked up or down (F to B).
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    Happijac Legs

    Put the kids on a diet.
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    Question on Selling an RV

    Understood. We're working on cleaning it out now. **** there is a lot of "stuff", filling a 2 car garage.
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    Cummins Onan LP generator oil consumption

    I have 5500 EVAP gas version and change the oil every 100 hrs (~450 hrs now) I use straight 30wt non-synthetic and have yet to have to add oil between changes. When in use I shut it down once every 24 hrs and check the oil. I would go to a straight 30w oil not synthetic and see what happens...
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    Certified RV Tech Training

    Here's another option. I've stayed at the park but don't know anything about the school
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    Question on Selling an RV

    PM Sent
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    Decal replacement

    After replacing my rear ramp I basically have a clean palette appx 7'x7' to play with. Local company would install whatever picture I picked or made up for around $500 for those wondering about cost. It seems DW and I could never agree on what we wanted so I still have a blank ramp. Too many...
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    Tire replacement

    Basically you have 5 years to put as many miles as you can on them. Replace after 5 years or no tread. Whichever comes first
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    Furrion Camera

    Re: Furrow Camera Mine is wired to the parking lights so I can turn it on when needed. A hint: If the monitor antenna is vertical make the camera the same. My monitor antenna is horizontal because of where it's mounted. The camera is the same, horizontal. For the techies using a horizontally...
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    Tire Pressure?

    Per Sailun: ST235/85R16 Load rating a 110 PSI is 4400 lbs each. That's 17,600 lbs of load rating Subtract ~4K for hitch and you could run 100 PSI.
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    Question on Selling an RV

    And I'm reading all of it, BUT I hate selling and putting up with tire kickers. When I get ready I'll probably list it here for a bit before going the consignment route. One extra does count, a bunch. An 8 month old RV-Armor spray-on roof with a lifetime warranty against leakage. Good for...
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    Question on Selling an RV

    I talked to an appraiser at PPL this afternoon. Their guesstimate on a price pending inspection was in the price range that would get me what I wanted to clear. The lady told me some of the aftermarket stuff could make it easier to sell and raise the price, depending on the buyer. As far as...
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    Question on Selling an RV

    I am contemplating on selling my rv and have a question. Looking at PPL Consignment sales. I know with an individual sale the add-ons I have added (TPMS, Camera, Surge Suppressor, etc etc) would add to the value but how about selling/consignment with a dealer? Would I be better off removing the...
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    Ford, 6.7 problem

    You should see a big rig when the turbo blows. It will put out a smoke screen you can't see thru. Not much power either.