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  • We went to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) south of Lukeville or Ajo on Hwy 85 in AZ.

    It was only a couple of hours drive from the US border - lots of condos in the area being built. NIce golf course - shopping is pretty good. Right on the oecean this campground was. I would go with a group again - not as singles. Mexican army and poilce were posted every 30 miles or so on the highyway. Have a good trip there.

    We sure have good weather here right now - when we came back in April from AZ, we had 1 day at home , then snow snow snow. Barry says - in like a lion - out like a lamb. So far so good.

    Take care , Alana
    We just got back from the coast visiting our kids and brother's families there. Belize is south of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. It was British Honduras at one time. It will be a different holiday for us as we will be traveling around by local bus, on foot and by bicycle. I think we better get in some vigorous excercise before we go. Where in Mexico did you go with your trailer? I suggested to Garry that maybe we should go to Belize with the trailer. He wasn't too keen to take me up on it. I guess it is a bit far to go. We would probably have to leave in January to get there for February. I am definately looking forward to the warmth.
    Belize is my Mexico isn't it? Hope you have a great time there. We met some developers from this area that are building a resort there. They say its a beautiful place. We hope to get to Yuma this year, we ent to Mexico withour trauler last year and then spent 5 weeks at Palm Creek in Casa Grande. So if you change you mind, we will be in Casa Grande for a couple of months. I with it was tomorrow, but not till after the holoidays.
    Garry just said, yep that was them. He remembers the truck since we always pay attention to whether the trailer is pulled by a GMC or not. We are pulling ours with a GM sierra 2004 Gold in colour. Last winter we spent 6 weeks in Winterhaven California just across the border from Yuma Arizona. This year we will be in Belize for a month, but not with the trailer. So we won't be heading south. If you are near Winterhaven, my brother and sister inlaw, Bob & Doreen will be at the Rivers Edge campground there with their Big Horn and GMC.

    Yes it was in August. Probably was us - small world! Our truck is a GM silver Birch in color. We were there the same weekend the Rodeo was on. ( Although we never went to the Rodeo.)

    We will have to stay in touch. Do you travel in thewinter months?
    We spent a couple of months last winter down south - plan on the samething hopefully this winter.

    Hi again,
    Did you happen to drive through Pincher Creek in August? We were sitting at Luigi's restaraunt when we saw a Big Horn drive past. Thinking it may be the people that lived in Pincher, we drove by their house only to see their trailer was still there. It is good to hear from you. My sister and family live in Red Deer, so you never know we may be able to connect with you sometime up there.
    Bev(Garry & Bev)
    Hi Garry & Bev - Nice to hear from some local Heartland members. We would love to get together next summer and meet you both. This is so weird...we spent a week in August by Pincher Creek. We really enjoyed the area. looking forward to chatting with you !
    Alana (Barry &Alana)
    Hi Barry & Alana,
    I was chatting with Katkens on the chat and they were mentioning that you were from Leduc. Garry & myself (Bev) are from Pincher Creek. Hope to meet you sometime. Maybe we could figure out a good central spot for an alberta rally next year.
    Bev (Garry & Bev)
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