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    Installing RV satellite question....

    We have a dish on our RV roof, but sometimes when traveling we have a spot with tree coverage that does not allow for connections. This Winegard portable dish with a long cable allows us to see our shows, yet stores away when not in use. Easy to move between the stationary antenna and the...
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    Snap Pad removal

    I like this Camco jack pad’s one-piece nesting design. People can place it in an RV parking area where the travel trailer’s leveling jack does not reach the ground. It bridges the gap between the jack foot and the ground surface. There is no need to stack several RV stabilizer jack blocks...
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    SOLVED - Shower Faucet Will Not Turn Off

    Most RVs have a removable panel behind the shower that conceals the plumbing. Open this panel as part of the RV shower faucet upgrade process. Check the two water pipes running from the shower and through the wall. These fixtures often have a fastener that secures them in their place. Loosen the...
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    Battery life

    Some tips you can extend your RV batteries’ lifespan. You might want to check your electric appliances and devices that draw power even with your RV engine turned off. Use a different battery for running various equipment to avoid draining your RV battery. Examples of RV items that can draw...
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    Using an IPhone for RV Leveling

    The Camco T level is an ideal travel trailer for numerous RV owners, including me. We no longer need to worry about the fridge and tanks moving inside the trailer. This RV leveler does not require too much effort to install, even for first-time users. I can attach this leveling system to the...
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    Rubber Roof - Sealant Type

    I highly recommend this Heng's rubber roof coating. I've used it on my RVs for several years. It is super white, which helps cool the RVs in the Texas summers. And, it lasts well, protecting the roof from leaks. It is non-polluting and non-toxic, too. Another positive effect of this product is...
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    Rv Mattress

    This Zinus mattress is comfy! It's firm yet plush, hard to describe as it molds to your body rapidly (and resets form just as rapidly once you're off it) and makes you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud/weightless.
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    RV Lock Keying

    Rekeying your RV locks is a straightforward process. However, there are a few essential things you need to become successful at this venture. A rekey kit can include a retainer ring tool, a plug follower tool, and color-coded lock pins. Some manufacturers also include T-pin springs, pin springs...
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    Oxidation Problem

    You can try the wet sanding method to remove oxidation from RV decals. Some types of RV oxidation are superficial scratches that give the motorhome a dull and oxidized appearance. For this method, you will need to use sandpaper of different grit sizes. Always start with the coarsest sandpaper...
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    Sikafflex 521 UV or Proflex RV Caulk

    Used this caulk from Dicor to install a couple of fantastic vents on our camper. The stuff that came off the old vents looked like it was this and some other kind of tough caulk. The tough stuff was almost impossible to remove from the rubber roof. One tube was enough to sufficiently install and...
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    How Do I Drain the Freshwater Tank?

    To drain fresh water tank on RV. Don’t forget to identify the low point valves, which are usually installed next to the drain valve. There are two low point valves, and they are in charge of emptying hot and cold water in the lines. Releasing the drain valve at the same time as the low point...
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    Slide out sagging

    Installing slide-outs is a wise choice for RVers who want to extend the width of a class A motorhome. The majority of ordinary fifth-wheel RVs are 8 to 8.5 feet wide. The industry norm is 8 feet. However, some of the bigger versions require more. Still, the width of the slides in a fifth wheel...
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    Keeping the drawers closed

    Drawers swinging open every time your RV hits a bump on the road is not only distracting but can also cause damage to your RV. should try applying these quick fixes to keep RV cabinets closed: anti-slip mat, bungee cord or rope, magnets, etc. A magnet only works on cabinets or drawers located at...
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    Slide maintenance - AccuSlide lube for the tracks?

    I used lubricant for the slide-out on motor gears and haven't had any problems. It's not recommended for use on rails, but I did, and so far I haven't had any dirt buildup.
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    Bedroom Vent Fan

    I replaced our hybrid travel trailer's OEM bathroom exhaust fan with a Fan Vent, the Fan-Tastic Vent 3-Speed. This fan is strong enough to pull the headboards off the bed, making closing the door much easier. Very quiet on 300 & 600cfm, 55 and 60 dB respectively. 900 cfm at 65 db, a bit bigger...