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    Load duel vs. single

    When looking at a tire load chart there is understandably a difference in the load for duel and single tires. I know that on a motorhome the rear wheels would be duel and you would use the duel chart. However, on a 5th wheel the tires are not side by side but still fairly close. Would you use...
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    Jacks popping AFTER adding anti-stiction fluid

    Well, I have tried everything. Added 2 quarts of Cat, use Snap Pads, have changed oil. Still popping from all 6 jacks. I have concluded it is from our AZ temperature change. The more change the louder the popping.:confused:
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    Fireplace shutting off

    For the past year our fireplace will only run on low heat. Once in a while it will run for a while and then just shut off. I have cleaned with compressor. Any ideas.
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    Propane regulator noise.

    In all my years traveling I have never had this problem. When running the furnace in the morning, we are getting a pulsating noise from the regulator. Furnace is working fine. Only turn on once in the morning to help the electric heater.and fireplace. ANy ideas? Thanks
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    computer desk

    Have a 2017 Bighorn. A screw came out of the computer desk under theTV and jammed to where I can only get the desk out about 3 inches. Can NOT figure how to release the slides on the pull out desk to get it out. Any help? Thanks
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    Bed Clearance

    We just purchased a new truck and hitch. When hooked up, our Bighorn is level. However we only have about 4 5/8 clearance with the side of the truck. What is your opinion? I hate to raise the hitch and have the 5th wheel out of level.
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    fresh water drain

    We have a 2017 Bighorn 3160. The water tank drain had been working. Now when I open the drain nothing comes out. I ran a wire up it and the wire hits something solid. Any ideas? I know I can use my pump. Repair guy says would have to take bottom covering of 5th wheel off and possibly...
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    Help a dummy remember

    So my regulator on my second tank started to malfunction a couple of weeks ago. Took all apart and bought a new one. Fast forward to today and want to make sure I am not messing up. The arrow stamped on the top and marked IN and OUT. The OUT is the for the hose coming from the tank into the...
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    TPMS- Tire Rotation

    I have mine marked 1-2-3-4- with white paint so they stay in the same place.
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    Fresh water tank filling when hooked up to city water

    Had that problem. Now when switching to the city water setting I go past it and then back. Never had a problem again.
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    Holding Tank Valves are hard to pull. Ideas?

    Re: Universal Docking System Holding Tank Valves On both my 2010 Bighorn and now my 2017 Bighorn I had to have the cable on my black tank changed from 10 foot to 6 foot in length. Now works with one finger. My repair guy wonders why Heartland doesn't learn. He has changed too many to count.
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    MCD shade stuck

    LOL It worked.
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    MCD shade stuck

    Our rear MCD shade is stuck in up position. Any suggestions to solve the problem?
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    length of black tank valve cable

    Just had the black tank cable replaced on my 2017 Bighorn. Old cable was 10 feet long with a big loop. New cable is 6 feet. Works like a charm. The thing is I had the same problem on my 2010 Bighorn. You would think the factory would learn by now plus what they would save in cost. Thor is...
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    Mcguiar's Wax

    For those of you that use Meguiar's Flagship Cleaner Wax, do use directly on the graphics? I have always used Nu Finish and put 303 on the graphics before waxing. Thanks