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    USS Indianapolis CA -35 75 years ago today

    Never be sorry!. Thanks for sharing. ND5 Leavitt
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    Onboard Generator Exhaust exit location

    Ours comes out under the bedroom slide. We run the generator all of the time both day and night. The exhaust has never been an issue. I doubt you would have any problems in that location.
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    Broken Spring Hanger

    Just an FYI...I ended up ordering 2 of the 021-015 cross braces and 1 021-003 to use on the inside hanger. By the way the Lippert youtube video is very enlightening. After the hangers flex a few thousand times its no wonder they break. Hopefully the cross braces will work.
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    Broken Spring Hanger

    Do you have the manufacture of the brace and where you bought it. My Google search did not find anything.
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    Broken Spring Hanger

    I recently broke the rear spring hanger on our 2018 Cyclone 4250. As you can imagine it was a big problem. I am wondering if this is common or just a stroke of bad luck. I am considering adding supports to all six hangers. Does anyone here have any experience or recommendations for this? TIA
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    Checking In - New Truck Modifications

    Looks Awesome....Great Job!
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    ZEEMAX Trailer Express Tires

    I agree. Just get Sailuns.
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    Gravity Fed Gasoline Tank

    You can't gravity feed Gas only Diesel. I think Transfer Flow makes a tank that will pump the gas in making it legal.
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    Snap Pad removal

    I have not removed one on purpose but I did tear one off on a dirt bank in the mountains. I just cleaned it and reinstalled as you would a new one. It worked great.
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    What's your favorite carry weapon?

    I hope your not shooting 9MM through the .40 Glock!!!
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    Best Bank to Refi our RV Loan

    Be sure to check the online lenders. A quick google search will show you the rates.
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    Hail on the roof - how do you tell it’s damaged?

    FYI.. Most (not all but most) insurance companies treat a claim that was denied or paid 0 the same as a claim that paid for damage. You could file a claim to be safe only to have your rates increased at the policy renewal because of a claim that paid nothing.
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    Satellite Not Labeled

    Here is the cable wiring diagram for the Torque.