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    Which does the RW427 have?

    Probably the same converter as our 2017 Cyclone has...the PD 9200 series.(Progressive Dynamics)
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    lug nut torque ??

    ^^X2^^.....120'# torque.
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    5gallon pressure tank

    I can't answer the vibration/noise question, but I installed a small accumulator tank to ease the water pump from cycling every time water was used... to extend the pump lifespan and ease the instant vrup.vrup.vrup pump sound (annoys me). We boondock extensively and I don't like wasting water...
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    Need to remove couch in slide out

    Most setee systems have a few screws holding them in from the factory, mainly for the travel to dealerships. Just remove the 4-6 screws.
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    Warm spots in floor

    Are the warm spots inline with your furnace ducts?
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    Residential Refrigerator Not Working Properly.

    Do check/reset the inverter's GCFI that is on it's plugin. You can have a green light on the inverter switch plate inside, and inverter status reads OK, but the GFCI can still be tripped.
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    Cyclone 3800HD Switching Issues

    Check the generator breakers before digging into the transfer switch
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    Trailer brakes disconnecting

    I think your CY is a triple axle, and am assuming all your other ones are single or dual axles......correct?
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    I just bought 6 Sailuns from Simple Tire 2 weeks ago and they were delivered to the property 3 days later. When talking to the rep before ordering, I was very concerned about the date codes and she couldn't guaranty, nor special request, the newest built tires. But when she volunteered up the...
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    adding shock absorbers

    I will have to slide underneath it sometime for another look-see...been awhile since seeing how it is attached and if those long of shocks could be feasibly used to just the spring-pack retainer without hitting something else "in the way"
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    adding shock absorbers

    Sorry....added the photo....
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    adding shock absorbers

    Not sure if a 2011 RW is the same as later years, but this is the shock placements on our 2017 CY.... it may give an idea how they are angled?
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    Inverter Gfi tripping

    Brand and model of inverter would be helpful. Is this the Magnum CSW 1012?
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    RW 429 - access to fresh water tank to sanitize?

    Why not pour xx ounces into your empty hose, hook both ends up, and turn on water?
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    Onan RV QG 5500 EVAP Error 33

    I checked my 7 page Onan 5.5 trouble code PDF and for my model there is no code jumps from code 32 to 35. Either you miscounted the blinks or my PDF doesn't cover your exact model for proper diagnosis.