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    Fasteners for mounting solar panels

    thanks for the info. thats really pretty good info there. for me in the south the ac is mandatory. hopefully one day the tech improves so you can run the ac all the time. maybe someone will make a dc air conditioner like they make the dc fridges now.
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    Fasteners for mounting solar panels

    Thats interesting, so how long will your setup operate the AC unit provided you had full sun, do you get a couple hours of use? or will it run all day or how does that look. I know it will matter how hot it is, so lets assume it it running full power all the time and never catches up. Thanks,
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    Fasteners for mounting solar panels

    It am pretty certain the answer is no, but is there yet any solar system that can run the AC unit yet, that would be great!
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    How to carry your rifles in your RV

    Old thread I know, anyone know if the RV looks like a vehicle, or a home when it comes to castle law, carry law, etc? I have a TN permit but wasnt sure how it works when I enter other states where it is no longer valid, if a gun in the trailer would be an issue if it was not accessible to the...
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    DS320 City water connection

    same problem here on my new RE275, the water connection is above the shower, and when it drips, as it will from time to time, the water finds its way into the shower door somehow, and then floods the floor on the inside. the shower door needs some redesign to keep it from leaking as well. water...
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    Low Point Drain

    Make them actually low my RE275 a 2020 model, the low point leaves the pump area, and then the pipe goes up hill through a sweeping bend and then through the floor. if there was an elbow or as earlier, a valve there instead of the sweep bend, it would drain better. I understand...
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    Time for new tires on my F150 and believe I should get LT tires since I tow a travel trailer that is close to the trucks capability.

    Hi, I am looking a new tires for my F150. Currently it has Wrangler fortitude tires 275/65r18 as the stock tire on the 2019 truck. While I rather like the ride and noise level of the tires, they have been prone to trailer sway since I "bumper pull" my RE275. I have found if I air them up to...
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    What do you use your rear -trailer mounted swing down rack to carry? I cant find many uses for it.

    Hi, I have for now removed my rear rack / tray on the back of my travel trailer. I had a couple reasons, 1. I wanted to increase tong weight 2. didn't yet have a neat spare tire cover. so I moved the tire to under the bed and removed the rear rack. this gave me about 150+ more pounds of tong...
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    Bad leak in 2017 Heartland Pioneer 280RK

    I have found about 3 or more roof leaks this way, get someone inside and go on the roof with a hose. spray all areas suspect for a few seconds at a time and have the person inside let you know if the dripping is increasing or decreasing. allow for a few seconds to make its way to the leak point...
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    Flushing black water

    our valve is under the sink in the bathroom, it works fine but I already identified its location while looking for why my outside shower leaks rain inside the same area. I know they are not related in any way other than my water connectors are also under the same sink, and that is where they...
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    Is it possible to get a drawing for a specific heartland camper (new model) to know where the wires are routed?

    Who would you contact to get something like that and what is the cost?
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    water pump

    I have a pioneer but maybe this will help, for me there is a panel under the cook stove with 2 screws. the pump is behind there. on my dads camper the pump is under the kitchen sink. look for places that have panels with only 2 screws. that seems to be the theme where pumps and water heaters are.
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    Floor Heating Vent covered when slide in

    In my case, my slide also covers a vent partially, but it is actually a couple inches over the vent, so the warm air will just come out in the camper from under the edges of the slide, but even if it sags down on the vent, I dont see it hurting anything.
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    Dometic 300 toilet with the dreaded internal leak to allow waste to pool inside the outer bowl and smell

    Below is a picture shown from the back of the toilet where the water line enters the sprayer. the green is the resin I poured in from the hole and allowed it to drain down the side of the bowl into the gap between the inner and outer bowl for structural support. the silicone bead applied first...
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    Dometic 300 toilet with the dreaded internal leak to allow waste to pool inside the outer bowl and smell

    Hi, Dometic is sending a new toilet as expected, no issues from them other than a 50 minute hold time on the phone. In the mean time I opened the toilet I have to investigate by removing the base and the outer bowl. it appears the "fix" on at least that iteration of the toilet was to pack the...