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  • Rand, my best buddy Don told me that you sent him an email with info on suspension problems and possible fixes. Could you send me that info as well?
    Hello to you and yours,
    Just wanted to touch base with you as I noticed you were/are the BC Rep.
    Bob & Carol - Chilliwack, BC
    Sorry, I hit send before adding an email address - thanks again, Tom & Jan
    My wife and I are seriously considering a Bighorn 3055RL. We are complete novices at RVing; we rented a small Class C for 2 weeks about 2 years ago. How do you like your 3055RL? Would a 1-ton truck be sufficient to tow and maneuver safely - ease of towing up hills and braking power (safety is an issue to us)? As a novice, I'm very concerned about dealing with its size in certain conditions - backing into slots in RV parks, maneuvering in fuel stations. We'd both take driving lessons, but I still have some anxiety of maneuvering in tighter situations. Thanks for any advice you can offer. I hope you are enjoying things. cheers, Tom and Jan
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