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    Dream floor plan

    Thanks for the comments and the information regarding BH, BC, and LM. We will revisit the dealership and have another look at the BC and BH as those 2 floor plans make a lot of sense to us. The good news is we have an rv to live in while we debate and shop for a new floor plan.
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    Dream floor plan

    Last week the wife and I became interested in the Landmark 365, we are currently owners of the Cyclone 4114. The model that caught our attention was the Madison with its opposing slides in the living area; very nice space. Our biggest concern was the front living weight and how that might play...
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    Here She Comes!

    Always exciting to pick up your new rig; congratulations! We picked up our rig at RVW last year in Marchand here is how it went. First, dress warm, it will be cold up there! The PDI was done outside and it was 19º out side that day with the sun shinning. First thing we noted is that all of the...
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    ATF: Cyclone - 4114 kitchen island

    We have a 2014 4114 and yes the panel with exposed screws makes you wonder, we have it to! I don't know if your unit was vandalized or not sorry to hear that. We brought this panel with exposed screw heads up to the factory and it is just the way this unit comes off the line. One nice thing...
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    3 Seasons Door

    We had the pull down screen on a toy hauler we sold and had issues with it. The biggest problem was keeping it tight and in the trac. The conceptt of the screen is good and maybe the newer ones are better than what was on our 2008. As for 3 season doors we have them on our 4114 and they also...
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    Lube Waste Water valve

    Hey Keith, we had the same issue a couple of weeks ago. CAMCO make a drain valve lube that prevents sticking drain valves. Camco are the folks that sale the treatment for your gray and black water holding and waste tanks. You can find this in Camping World and online, it comes in a 16oz plastic...
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    2014 1/2 - 4100 King with 3 way a/c switch question/problem

    Supposedly our 4114 that shot out of the factory yesterday will be wired so that the living area is primary with the option to run living and bedroom or living and garage. It was explained to us that the new units are wire for garage and master bedroom, we did not like that setup. We are not...
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    Is a Dually Necessary

    Keep in mind whatever you get, how you option out your truck will also play into the weight you can pull. Some trucks with all the bells and whistles won't pull as much as a basic model, you just have to ask yourself do I need it. Because we want to be comfortable we chose the bells and whistle...
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    Ram Recall for tie rod N49

    Just had mine done on a cancelation from another customer. Its best to go to parts and find out if they have the recall parts on hand you never know you may get lucky! Don't rely on the service manager to find out if the part is available, a lot of times they do not check and the part is...
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    Do you need it?

    Under the 2nd ammendment which I believe in strongly, yes it is our right to bear arms. I spent 20 years defending this nation to keep that right and it was my pleasure to do so, it's the greatest nation in the world; it's the land of the free. Bearing arms is just one way of keeping the bad...
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    Camping World will match any price for Trav'ler

    Glad they will price match. It's sad when you have to remind them of what they advertise and then they come up with all the excuses not to honor what they say. Have you noticed this trend with rv dealerships that advertise price matching and when you get down to it they don't! My thing is if...
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    4100 vs. 4200??

    We had a chance to meet AJ at the Austin show and tour the new 4200, very nice especially if you have a lot of friends or family to camp with. The size of the master bedroom is more than enough with the king size bed, although it was stated that it is slightly smaller than a 4100, the big window...
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    3 air conditioners at once? no problem in my 3800.

    Wish Heartland would do that from the factory for the Cyclones. I spoke to AJ Jones at the rv show in Austin and suggested that at a minimum at least put a switch so that you can run any combination of 2 of the 3 A/C's. Your fix to run all 3 at once is great, going give it a shot once I absorb...
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    Almost there

    Crazy Cooter looking at all those toys go for that 18ft toyhauler, lol. We looked at the Raptors and actually pulled the trigger on a 384 and then cancelled after 4+ weeks of waiting and no word of a completion date. Well the long wait and changes being made caused us to say bye bye! We do like...