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Thread: Metal cookware in Half Time Oven

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    Metal cookware in Half Time Oven

    Can I use metal cookware (muffin pan, cake pan...) while using the half time mode? The oven manual and my laminated "quick quide" to the oven both say that I must use the metal tray and that I can use any oven-safe cookware and lists specifically: glass, ceramic, and metal pans.

    Others have posted here (after phone calls to Apollo Half time representatives) and at the North Trail forum that metal cannot be used during the half time function because microwave is used to speed the process of cooking in the half time mode. I DO know that I should not use metal or the metal tray during the microwave mode.

    Microwave mode: no metal cookware or tray
    Convection: metal tray and can use metal cookware
    Half Time: metal tray and can use metal cookware??
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    As far as I know when your not in microwave mode you can use metal pans or whatever. You just have to sit them on the round metal one that comes with it. We used a round metal pan in ours this past weekend to cook cinnamon rolls and had no problems. We just sat it on top of the one that came with the oven.

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    Sue uses metal pans sometimes and it hasn't caused any problems. Most of the time she uses the silicone cookware and it seems to do a better job of cooking evenly.

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