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Thread: Decoding your Heartland VIN

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    Heartland: Director of Owners Interests jbeletti's Avatar
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    Decoding your Heartland VIN

    In the Bighorn ATF forum, the factory was asked to explain how to determine the serial number of a particular unit.

    Scott Tuttle from the factory responded (see below) and I created an image that shows an example of decoding a VIN.


    Excerpt of Scott's post:
    The VIN number that we issue in the RV industry is a 17-digit number.
    The first three digits are fixed and issued by the government agency (SAE).
    The fourth digit determines what type of hitch set up it is (Gooseneck).
    The fifth digit determinies whether it is it a fifth wheel (F) or travel trailer (T).
    The sixth, seventh and eighth digits are model specific integers (number of axles, then model length)
    The ninth digit is the "check digit" which verifies the rest of the VIN and is not something that you can figure out without a formula.
    The tenth digit is the model year (7).
    The eleventh digit is the city of manufacturer (E for Elkhart)
    and the twelvth through seventeenth digits are the production run order numbers.

    Jim's decoded VIN:
    Jim Beletti
    Director of Owner Interests
    Heartland RVs

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    I came across this 8 month old thread while looking for something else today. Since we've had a lot more product owners join us since then, I thought I'd make this sticky in order to bump it back to the top.

    Those last 6 digits in the VIN comprise the full serial number of the unit in the context of determining where a unit was in the overall build sequence at Heartland.

    This one is the VIN for my 2005 Landmark. It is my understanding that Heartland began with 459001. That makes mine the 378th unit (across all models) to be produced. Because they have built more than a thousand units, when asked for your serial number by the factory, the dealer, this forum etc., you'll be asked to provide at least the last 5 digits.

    Again, those last 6 comprise the serial number/build sequence only. The entire string of 17 digits comprises your actual vehicle identification number (VIN).

    Fun facts for the new comers.


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    We just got the title in the mail Wednesday. Our last 4 digits are 9033.
    Nelson & Cheryl
    2005 Heartland Landmark Golden Gate #33
    2005 Dodge Dually Cummins Turbo Diesel 6-speed

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    I just bought my 08 Bighorn on 30 May 07 SN: 9621 and I'm looking forward to talking to you guys about issues and perhaps help on some questions that I have. This is my 4th fiver but I've never had hydraulic slides before, kinda curious about the cure if the quit working, etc.


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    Check for Error in VIN Decoding text...

    I am new to the forum and have been looking around to learn the people and information on my 2008 Bighorn 3400RE.

    I noticed that in the text below you show the following for positions 6, 7 & 8.

    6 = Axles
    7&8 = length

    In the next graphic (??) it shows
    6&7 = Length
    8 = axles

    I believe text is wrong.

    I also see some differences in the BH Specs and my VIN.
    My Bighorn is the 3400RE Digits 6, 7 & 8 are:
    That would make my 3400RE:
    34 ft
    2 axles

    The specs show 36'-9"

    So much for accuracy.. No offence meant.

    I have not taken possession of my 3400 yet and requested clarification from the dealer.

    I appreciate this forum and hope to be a valued member.

    Travel safe & God Bless
    Travel safe & may God bless
    Bob Curry & Trevor
    2016 F350 CC SRW LB 4WD
    Ruby Red 08 Bighorn 3400RE #9948
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    I was wondering how people got this info. Thanks

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    HL VIN I.D. increased to Five Digits!!!

    We have gone from a four digit I.D. number to a five digit number in just two years. Great Job HL, keep 'em rollin'. Now if we could just get all 12,000+ owners to join the forum and come to rallies, what a showing we would make. With so many units sold, we should start seeing more "members of the HL family" out on the highways and byways and in the parks where each of us frequent.

    New owners of 2009 models (maybe '08's also?) should now show at least 5-digit I.D. We have opted to go ahead and reflect last six digits of our vin#. It is only a matter of time when production numbers will be in the six-digit range.

    Happy Trails HL owners. Stop and say Hi or give a wave to your fellow HL owners as you pass in traveling. Keep on promoting the forum so that exchange of information keeps flowing. You guys have been lifesavers to us several times. Thanks to all who are willing to share their experiences and make RV living a little easier.
    C. J. Bearden

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    VIN serial number

    Hi- I just picked up my 09 Bighorn on May 28, 2008 and the serial number is 13407. Looks like Bighorn isn't having a slowdown like many other RV businesses are having. Keep on truckin'.

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    Not just tired..... RETIRED!!! pmmjarrett's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by gesnider View Post
    Hi- I just picked up my 09 Bighorn on May 28, 2008 and the serial number is 13407. Looks like Bighorn isn't having a slowdown like many other RV businesses are having. Keep on truckin'.
    From my perspective.

    Biggest whammy in RV industry was the motorized units (Class A, Class C and Super C) and the companies that make them.

    The high end fifth wheels & toy haulers, ultralite and lite weight towables and cheap used travel trailers is what is moving right now. Park model trailers seem to still be fairly steady too.

    Now as to how the manufacturers measure a fifth wheel is a complete mystery to me. They tell the transport company it's a 30' fifth wheel (prolly to get cheaper rates because I get 3 cents a mile more for units 31' and over) and when I dispatch on this supposedly 30' fifth wheel it's really over 35' long and then check the VIN to make sure it's the right unit and the #'s says it's 33'
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    this thread should be a sticky
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