2014 Urbanna Rally - Registration Process

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EDIT - 26-FEB-2014
Registration is now open: [url]www.regonline.com/2014urbanna[/URL]


The registration process for the Urbanna, VA rally has been pretty well tested in test mode and now in live mode with a very small group of people registering this weekend.

We expect to open up registration to all club members, most likely on Tuesday or Wednesday, February 25th/26th.

Invitations will go out by email using RegOnline's email invitation system. Hoping for the best on that. Had some glitches last year. Any mail server that sends out the same email in quantity gets flagged easily by other email servers as a spammer. We're hopeful the IP address of the server being used is not on any of your mail provider's blacklists. In addition to emailing invitations, we will be posting on the forum and on Facebook.

  • You will use the URL in your invitation email or posted on the forum or Facebook to get to the registration site. You will login using your FORUM/CLUB email address. This is very important as that email address is what is being used to validate you as being eligible for registration. So please don't use any other email address available to you
  • You will need:
- Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Amex - these 3 only)​
- VIN of your coach (last 8 digits)
- Length of your coach, number of slides
- Model year, brand and floor plan of your coach
- Name (first and last) of all members of your party and ages of anyone under 19 years
- T-Shirt sizes (unisex shirts)
- Your planned arrival date
- Emergency contact person name and number​

That's about it I guess.

Please see the Rally Portal (LINK) for a TON of additional rally information.

Please use this Rally Discussion Thread (LINK) to discuss the rally registration.
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