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Thread: Forum Member Banned (29-Jan-2010) - Explanation

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    Forum Member Banned (29-Jan-2010) - Explanation

    As some have noticed, today, the forum took an action that rarely happens. We banned a longtime member.

    I want to give some background on this as many will be curious, and a few furious.

    We don't take banning forum members, especially product owners, lightly. In over 5 years, other than spammers, we've banned fewer than 5 legitimate members across a base of 8,000. So this is truly a rare occurrence.

    The user that we banned today was "geeksrus". A little bit of background on this product owner… They own a Bighorn and they had issues with their coach suspension among other items. Heartland and our suppliers stepped in and took care of the issues. Not to the owner's liking the first time around and still not to their liking after we really dug into it and did more.

    The bottom line on the issues and the attempts to resolve them is that Heartland and our suppliers did our best to make this customer happy. In the end, we failed to make them happy. And for that, we are truly sorry. As in any business with a very large, very diverse customer base, there will be times, although few, where nothing we do is acceptable. It is regrettable, and try as we may, it is a reality.

    In this case, the customer used this forum and other, larger public forums to be very critical of Heartland and our suppliers. The problem I had with it on this forum is that I saw it as a running diatribe, a plan or campaign if you will, to discredit us at nearly any opportunity.

    Let me say this as plainly as I can, as some may misconstrue my meaning of what is and is not allowed. You, as a Heartland product owner, may use the Heartland Owners Forum to voice your displeasure with your product. It is okay. We want to know what you don't care for. How else can we make a better product? We do ask that you do so in a constructive manner. The difference, and where some run into trouble is a never ending stream of duplicate/similar posts with the same criticism. This is not needed, is not helpful to anyone and is in violation of forum rules.

    Geeksrus did try to balance what I saw as an ongoing diatribe of discontent with a genuine interest to help others with various items. But in the end, I was unable to reconcile the good with the continued forum rule violations. In fairness, I did work with geeksrus, in writing, kindly asking for a change and warning of the rule violation.

    Please do not take this as any sort of warning. This is meant to be informative as a good many will be pressuring me to explain my action. If any current forum member were on the line, you would have already heard from myself or a moderator, genuinely trying to work with you.

    Please don't admonish geeksrus on this forum. He was doing what he felt was right.

    Jim Beletti
    Admin, Heartland Owners Forum

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    Jim , I know that this was a very , very difficult decision for you to make. I do respect your decision and feel that you had no other choice in the matter. Too , I pray that all other HOC members realize that this was something beneficial to them and heartland. Best wishes, and May God Bless ya. Al Weaver
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    Jim, I echo Al's sentiment. Its too bad that "geeks" just could not give in. I bet he might be a nice man that had problems with his BH. I must say that it was getting old. The bashing wont get you anywhere. My Mom told me over and over "if you dont have anything nice to say...just dont say anything". My 5cts Bob
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    I can only imagine what he is saying now about Heartland and this forum on the other forum he visits and bashes Heartland at every chance he gets.
    Wonder what his new screen name will be when he signs up on this forum and uses a different screen name and email address.
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    This forum is way to valuable to be abused by any one person. I know it was difficult but necessary for the good of our forum.
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    It appears there is a movement to blackmail manufactures into resolving their issues by threatening to post, or by posting, negative reviews to forums or other web-based venues. Consumers are left to filter postings and make personal decisions regarding which posts are legitimate and genuinely intended to contribute to a spirit of community helpfulness. I am new to this forum, and must admit, I feel some of the threads contain an absence of simple manners and loose civility within their content. I feel all of us should read the content of our submissions several times prior to pressing the "send" button; sort of a second chance to determine if we really want to send the message in the context written. Remember, it's not a race to respond to, or begin a thread. I hope this is not preachy, I'm not perfect and know it, but perhaps this issue raises food for thought, for all of us.

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    It is sad to see this happen, we all deal with problems differently depending upon our up bringing and personality,there is however usually a norm and respectfull way that works.There is an old saying that goes"Don't stay where you don't want to be,don't keep what you don't want,don't make yourself unhappy,don't make others unhappy"

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    Why would you not lock this post after posting your information. Its a decided decision and nobody should be able to comment one way or the other to a forum owners rules.
    B & A

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    I have seen this in many Forum sites, where people vent their disrespected comments about certain products.
    Its like a lier, I tend to just listen and move on.
    But sometimes some will take it seriously and could realy damage reputations, both for the product and the readers.
    I feel that this forum is for sharing our experiences, and help others in their situations.
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