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Thread: Wife Wants Pantry

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    Wife Wants Pantry

    We just purchased a 361 and love the floorplan. The only complaint from the wife is the kitchen does not have a pantry and many cupboards are too high to reach without a step ladder.

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    Re: Wife Wants Pantry

    We have the Elk Ridge 29RKSA, also no pantry. We loved our counter-depth pull-out pantry in our old slide-in camper - you could fit a LOT of food in there. It seems like with just a few adjustments, they could fit a nice pull-out panty next to your fridge...

    I'm not sure where they could put it in ours. So, we're learning how to work with all the large cabinets in our model. Bought some nice boxes to help keep things organized and easy to pull out for access. I also have a small step-stool in the kitchen so I can reach the upper cabinets. My step stool is actually a wooden box (like a mini-cedar chest) - so it's more storage as well as height-support. It sits in front of the fridge most of the time - it's just small enough that you can reach the fridge contents over the box - so it's out of the way sitting right in the midst of everything.
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    Re: Wife Wants Pantry

    The lack of a pantry was a complaint from my wife as well.

    As part of the purchase process I had the dealer install the BRD Supply RV Locking Pull Out Pantry shown in the above link.

    In our MK2900 there is a double height cupboard from the floor. The pull out pantry fits like a charm in that space and I have nothing but smiles from her and envy from her friends ever since.
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