New Travel Trailer, No Solar Prep

My wife and I purchased a 2024 Eddie Bauer 34BSBH on this past Friday. I did some pretty extensive research on this specific camper prior to purchasing it. I was excited to see it came with solar prep. Seemed pretty straight forward to get it installed, especially since I'm an electrician. To my surprise, despite what the manufacturer says, there is no solar prep at all. It's my only option to just pay to have the solar installed completely? I do already have the inverter. Thanks.


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I believe that your unit has what Heartland is calling "The Vault" at the front of the trailer. Inside is a fuse (left bottom) that is not connected on one side. There is a wire exiting the other side of the fuse. I don't know where it terminates. This is the solar prep they advertise. Perhaps someone who has this setup will chime in and give some additional insight.

In my 2018 5th wheel there was a similar advertisement for "solar prepped". What it amounted to was a small connector at the front that was wired to the battery. When I added actual solar, I had to run wire from the roof to the front compartment in order to do a proper installation.