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Thread: Flex in ladder on BC3250TS.

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    Flex in ladder on BC3250TS.

    Hi, I have just purchased,(me and the bank), a new Big country 3250. I think it will be a great move up from our 2007 Laredo 29rl. My question is has anyone else with this model noticed how much the back ladder flexes when you get on it? I'm 185 lbs , but you can hear the flexing in the fiberglass cap as the support pieces bend down and try to pull away from the fiberglass cap. It pulled the sealer around the fittings away the first time I climbed up it.
    My dealer called Heartland and was told that there was nothing that could be done about it, I question that answer. Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks

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    Re: Flex in ladder on BC3250TS.

    Ours seems to be pretty stable. I did go around and tighten all the fittings and screws and this seemed to help. I seldom use the ladder from the ground up preferring to use my step ladder along side to get up to the last few rungs before stepping on the BC.
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    Re: Flex in ladder on BC3250TS.

    Congratulations on your new 3250. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have ours.
    Remember that our coach is 5 years old but we use the ladder almost every campout - putting up/taking down the satellite dish. DH is about 190 and the ladder moves but doesn't seem to separate or pull the sealer off. One of the rungs broke a couple of years back and we had to replace it but other than that, it's held up pretty well.
    We would love to invite you to the first Tennessee rally which will be held August 5-7 in Townsend, Tn and show off your new coach. It would be fun to see the changes between our '08 and your new coach. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Enjoy and travel safely.
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