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Thread: Fuel Additives for Diesels

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    Fuel Additives for Diesels

    We are considering a second truck (F250 6.7L Diesel). I will readily admit that I've very limited experience with a diesel engine. A couple questions come to mind for some of you who are more knowledgeable.

    1. What additives do you use in your fuel?
    2. Do you use the same additive year round or something different in colder weather?
    3. How cold is cold before switching to a different additive if you do swap?
    4. If you happen to have a new truck with the extra tank that treats your exhaust system, what additive do you use there?
    5. Have you actually seen any performance improvements with these additivies as advertised?
    6. Any advice on general things to keep in mind about maintenance differences?

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Fuel Additives for Diesels

    1. Stanadyne, although Ford has one also
    2. Same all year
    4. Urea or "Diesel exhaust fluid". I bought 2.5 gallons when we purchased our new truck but have not needed to fill between regular service (I've only had two though)
    5. Don't know. I have used Stanadyne in all my diesels since the ultra low carbon fuel was mandated.
    6. I have my trucks serviced every 5,000 miles.
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    Re: Fuel Additives for Diesels

    I was using DieselKleen in mine, both the summer and winter mixes, until I got six large cans of DieselMate for free. When it runs out, I'll go back to the DieselKleen. Why DieselKleen? Because it's available at any WalMarts. With the different mixes of DieselKleen, I usually switched when the temps got below 32 deg. for a while. The truck sits out on the driveway all year, and I've never had a problem with fuel gelling or cold starting in the winter.
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    Re: Fuel Additives for Diesels

    HERE is some interesting reading regarding additives.
    It should help understand how and what they do as well as giving you performance stats of a bunch of products.

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    Re: Fuel Additives for Diesels

    Well Dave, looks to me like B5 Soy is the best. But I would have to move to ND to use it. I have used it when there and OL' smokey did seem to run better. Exhaust smelled like popcorn.
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    Re: Fuel Additives for Diesels

    We just purchased a new Silverado 2500 HD diesel Duramax and I asked my mechanic the same question about additives as this is our first diesel engine. He also recommended the Diesel Kleen products that an earlier poster (John) did. I researched it and that is what we have decided to go with as well. Our mechanic has the top rating in Central Texas and I trust him but glad to see John share his experience with the product as well. Good luck to you. We love the truck and capabilities it provides.


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    Re: Fuel Additives for Diesels

    I have used a few different kinds and currently use one that I picked for best lubricity etc. etc. from web searching and comparing. It was quite expensive and does it help danged if I know. Doesn't sound any different, doesn't run any different. etc. I bought a gallon of it and use it when pulling heavy on my
    Cummins. There is a web site comparison of all the different ones out there that I used to pick one.
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    Re: Fuel Additives for Diesels

    I don't think any additives are need except in extreme cold weather and then only a additive that prevents Diesel from Jelling. Happy Trails....

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    Re: Fuel Additives for Diesels

    Quote Originally Posted by Delaine and Lindy View Post
    I don't think any additives are need except in extreme cold weather and then only a additive that prevents Diesel from Jelling. Happy Trails....
    Not sure how many million miles we have run the various diesels but all without any additives unless we were operating at 10F below or worse. We blend or buy blended fuel (Kerosene or #1 used to blend) to get us to -10, after that we only add additivies as needed, but try to avoid operating anything more that one tractor / truck in that kind of weather.

    We do use Cenex fuel here or Caseys on the road. ( Casey blends from Nov/March ) Some outlets blend fuel and others dont. If they dont and you are going to travel in cold weather then you have to add a Cetane booster. On the ranch if we get caught via an early cold snap we use 1 gallon of unleaded to 50 gallon of #2 diesel. This isnst recommended for the latest engines but works fine on all of the older ones. Dont know about Chev/Dodge but all the newer Fords have fuel heaters so the gelling isn't the concern it was years ago. You do have to maintain a minimimum tank level for some of the systems to work. You can Gell up the 7.3 style heater which is below the filters however. Found that out in a very cold blizzard that came few a number of years ago when I got cought out without winterized fuel in the tank.

    If you are traveling on the hiway in extremey cold temperatues it is worthwhile to use an addivtive as noted above.
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    Re: Fuel Additives for Diesels

    I've been using Opti-Lube for most of the 18K miles on my truck. I bought the large economy size and just keep a smaller plastic bottle in the bed of the truck to squirt some in during fill-ups. Has it helped? I dunno...but doesn't seem to hurt. I'm not going to claim that using an additive is pegging my MPG meter, it's hard to consistently measure improvements in MPG when even a 10% difference is so small! I have the 6.4l Power stroke and use the same additive year round.

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