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Thread: Light Switches

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    Light Switches

    We have a 2012 2950rk. There are some odd placements of light switches that should be reconsidered:

    1) Amber light for the exterior step. The switch is placed low, near the floor. Makes sense, I guess, if the thought was that you could turn it on from outside before mounting the steps. But, the switch is on the opposite side of the interior stairs. You'd have to be 7 foot tall with a big wing span to reach it. Mount it next to the door frame down low!

    2) There are no interior light switches inside the door. You either have to step up in the dark to find the hall light switch or fumble around in the dark to open the cabinet for the control center and start flipping switches to hope you get lucky. Mount one next to the door frame at normal height.

    3) Echo previous comments about the scare lights. There really should be a wall mounted switch. Probably next to the door as well. Doubt that very many of us carry around the remote after the rig is parked and leveled and everything is out. Can hardly keep my pants up now with all the keys and fobs we have to carry!

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    Re: Light Switches

    May be hit or miss on that placement. In my BH, the aisle (hall) and step light switches are on the bottom step riser, right next to the door. Easy to reach from outside or flick with my toe.
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    Re: Light Switches

    We've been full time now since early April and I agree the light switch placement is inconvenient. Entering at night in the dark, the entry light does comes on when the door is opened, but goes out quick when the door is closed. I would prefer those down on the floor need to be higher - maybe across the aisle where our kitchen counter is located. The kitchen and living room switches are in the closet and need to be on a wall for easier use. Sounds like a project in the making.
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