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Thread: ATF: Edge - Plumbing Drawing Edge M219

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    ATF: Edge - Plumbing Drawing Edge M219

    I purchased a Heartland Edge M219 in 2012.

    Is it possible to send me a plumbing and an eletrical drawing for this model?
    Given that this model is no longer being made, I want to secure information on the plumbing and eletrical systems.

    I'm getting reay to winterize the unit and I'm not sure the actual plumbing configuration nor the location of the water pump etc.

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    Re: ATF: Edge - Plumbing Drawing Edge M219

    Please post if you actually get anyone at Heartland to share drawings for the Edge with you. Many others will try to follow your lead and get them too if they actually share anything with you. Others have tried and don't seem to have ever gotten them. I'll share what I know about the M21. I don't know what kind you have, unless it fell off there is a plate by your door with your model, mine says M21.

    The pump compartment is under the bed. My M21 is already plumbed with valves and line to draw RV anti-freeze from a gallon jug using the 12 volt pump. Looks like factory stuff.
    The isolation valves to isolate the hot water heater before winterizing are behind a removable panel on the side of the cabinet that holds the Jensen stereo and the breaker panel.

    The electrical and water is pretty obvious just look under the trailer, look under the sink cabinets, look while you have the panel removed.
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    Re: ATF: Edge - Plumbing Drawing Edge M219

    So far as I know the only engineering drawings that Heartland has published are for the COAX layouts. They're in the TOOLS section of the forum, under MANUALS. I think there are COAX diagrams for the full and mid-profile RVs and a few others with complex COAX layouts.

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