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Thread: Oil change..for the very last time!

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    Oil change..for the very last time!

    Had the oil on the shelf, had one filter I got from the Cummins dealer so I thought I might as well change my own oil. I've had this stuff laying around for a year or two. If I remember right the oil was around $10.00 per gal X3= $30.00. The filter was about $32.00. So I'm in this for $62.00..Then I used one can of brake cleaner to clean my drain pan and tools $2.00, about $1.00 worth of floor dry and paper towels. Slopped oil on the floor trying to empty a 3 1/2 gallon drain pan into my waste oil can. Rubber gloves leaked, I don't know if I will ever get my fingernails clean or if the dirty oil that splashed on my jeans will ever come out. I still have to drive 3-4 miles each way to dispose of the waste oil and old filter at the County recycle center..So I'm $64.00 into this only because the oil was on sale...After clean-up and dumping the waste oil and all, this has been about a 2 hour project and a NASCAR race is on, which I missed.....Then I remembered the dealer coupon I got for the $79.95 oil change special! So please don't try to tell me about the HUGE savings there is when you change your own oil....I will never do this again as long as I live...Have a nice day!..Don
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    Re: Oil change..for the very last time!

    Hi Don,
    I know your pain all too well.

    The other perspective is that you you know you got what you paid for, and you know it was done right. I always take the time during oil changes and tire rotations to do thorough inspection of all fluids, brakes, tire pressures, etc. Seems like every time I've entrusted someone else, they have let me down by being sloppy and careless. It's disappointing to find when you get home that the windshield fluid wasn't topped off, your tire pressures are jacked up and all over the place, they didn't hit half the grease fittings, and your drain plug head is now rounded off.
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    Re: Oil change..for the very last time!

    I 'do' my own oil. I 'do' plan for it. I 'do' take the appropriate amount of time. I 'do' drive there. I 'do' sit I'm the waiting area. And, I 'do' pay the fee. I'll 'do' it again when it's time.
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    Re: Oil change..for the very last time!

    I feel exactly the same way. $62 for oil and filter. I have seen the same faces there for years and they know me and all my trucks. Just had the oil and both fuel filters changed for $156. No way am I doing that at home. I usually sit in the truck and work by phone while they are doing it.
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    Re: Oil change..for the very last time!

    Just got a coupon in the mail from Dodge... $48.95 oil and filter change (up to 13 qts. Rotella) chassis lube, lubricate the drive shaft, fluid levels inspection and front suspension component inspection. I can't do it myself for that. Going in Tuesday!
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    Re: Oil change..for the very last time!

    I got lifetime oil changes with my car when I bought it. Just have to go to the dealer I bought from. 8 years and 210,000kms I figure at $50 a shot I've saved $2100 plus tax at least. I do everything else on the car myself. I take my truck to the dealer beside the office while it's under warranty, and my admin is married to my service advisor there. Great guy and great deals. You're absolutely right GOTTOYS, some jobs are better left to the professional, and it can often be cheaper in the long run. Plus no messy cleanup afterwards.
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    Re: Oil change..for the very last time!

    I WISH I could get my oil changed for less then $80 dollars, the dealerships I have dealt with always charged me $130 at least. I had it done at my local Diesel Mechanic but I had new transmission cooler hoses and the front end and rear end lube changed so I really don't know what he charged me since the labor was lumped together but it has to be cheaper then the dealership. I do it ( and it isn't pretty) during the warm weather but winter months if it needs to be done into the dealership or mechanic.
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    Re: Oil change..for the very last time!

    I take my truck back to the dealer I bought it from for ALL service, other than tires. I am not going to save peanuts by lying in my back in the driveway changing 10 quarts of oil. If I wanted to save money, I would not have bought a 39 foot fifth wheel and a honker of a truck.
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    Re: Oil change..for the very last time!

    Good topic hear, I just had my oil changed in my Cummins, all the repair shops including the dealership wanted $150.00 hear in Fl. to do a LOF. I found a local mom and pop repair shop and he told me to get the oil and filter and he would change it for 20 bucks. I went to walmart got 3 gals of oil at 25 dollars a gallon and a up graded oil filter for 12 bucks. So if I done my math right, I paid $107.00 for my oil change. I'm happy with the saving. Yes, I totally agree, I will never do this in my driveway.
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    Re: Oil change..for the very last time!

    Had mine done recently plus everything checked out at the local Firestone dealer for 79.95. No way in the drive for me
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