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Thread: Welcome New Owners!

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    Founding Oregon Chapter Leader-Retired ziggy's Avatar
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    Welcome New Owners!

    We want to welcome the Killoughs from Bandon, OR. They have taken delivery on a BH3010. We ran into them at the Mill Casino and RV Park after our OR rally. Hopefully they sign in and check out the forum.

    We also ran into a couple from Mt. Shasta, CA, the Eaglemans. They just bought a new Landmark at the RV show going on right now in North Bend, OR.

    Both couples are experienced RVers so they know what they are getting into, but they are not used to having this kind of resource and seemed quite interested in getting to know everyone here.

    Mark and Kristy
    Founding Oregon Chapter Leaders-Retired
    Harry and Katie (Dandie Dinmont Terriers)
    RIP Kona, our GSD
    2019 RAM 3500HO Dually
    2015 Landmark 365 Key West
    Klamath Falls, Oregon

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    Welcome New Owners!

    Welcome to the Heartland Family Killoughs and Eaglemans!!

    Rod and Kelly Ditrich
    Pacific Region Directors
    Retired Washington Chapter Leaders
    Heartland Owners Club
    Member #2336
    2017 F450 Platinum
    2018 Landmark 365 Newport
    2015 Landmark Key Largo, (Sold)
    2013 Bighorn 3585RL (Sold)

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    Re: Welcome New Owners!

    Indeed - welcome!

    Ian & Linda Hubling
    2018 RAM Limited 3500HD Diesel DRW
    2020 Landmark Newport
    HOC - 2290

    2018 - June - Cherry Valley Ontario
    2018 - June - Verona NY
    2016 - June - Sherkston Shores Ontario
    2015 - August - Verona, NY
    2015 - June - Goshen - Heartland National Rally
    2015 - June - McGregor Ontario
    2014 - June - Niagara Falls Ontario
    2013 - July - Verona NY

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