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Thread: Big Country - Solar panels

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    Big Country - Solar panels

    I am considering a 200 watt solar panel system for my 3070RE. What would be the best way to mount the panels on the rubber roof. I have looked at Flex panels rather then the solid ridged ones, because of weight. The manufacturer recommended the use of an adhesive, but did not say what type. Please forward any info.
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    Re: Big Country - Solar panels

    Hi Dave, I moved your thread to a better area where you should get input from other members that have added solar.

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    Re: Big Country - Solar panels

    Mounting the panels to the roof with using mounting brackets and a good seal under the bracket and over the lag screws is an accepted practice and they do hold in place and do an excellent job. Use Dicor sealant. There are two kinds, the self leveling and the non-leveling non sag type. I like both. I like to use non leveling for sealing under the brackets and self leveling over the top of the foot of the bracket. Either one would do the job.

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