DIY Solar Install


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The flooded lead/acid batteries that came with my trailer were starting to show signs of age so it’s the perfect excuse to change over to LiFepo4 batteries. Something I have wanted to do since the trailer was new. The goal: More Amp Hours, long/flat discharge curve, less weight and use existing inverter. Also, as long as I was at it, to add solar panels as well.

Wanted to get in the neighborhood of 300 plus amp hours and started looking at batteries. Did a lot or research. Couldn’t justify the cost of Battle Born as well as other plug and play batteries I looked at so I decided to build my own battery bank. I ended up with two 176 Amp Hour batteries. That exceeded my goal. 352 Amp Hours total for a little more than 1/3 the price of off the shelf batteries.

Culminated with this system:

8 - LiFepo4 prismatic cells
2 – Overkill Solar BMS
Century Plastics Battery Box
EPEVER – 30 Amp MPPT Charge Controller
Progressive Dynamics 80 amp Lithium ion battery converter/charger
4 – HQST 100 Watt solar panels (plus the Renogy 100 watt portable panel I had.)

In doing all this, I found a YouTube channel some might be interested in. It’s

Will Prowse Off-grid Solar Power Channel has a wealth of information, well thought out tests, makes side by side comparisons of various solar products and does battery deconstructions as well. You can learn a lot if you’re interested in solar systems.