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Thread: broken release valve

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    broken release valve

    I just empted my #2 valve on my 07 36rl bighorn--I heard a snap now it will not close--can you advise me where I have to look to fix the problum--I have no warranty-somewhat intellagent and plenty of tools--
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    You didn't say whether the cable came out in your I'll assume the cable is still attached and will move. Based on that - look at the valve itself, near the tank, and see what happens while someone moves the cable handle in and out. Above the underbelly. That's where I'd check first.
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    I'd start by opening up the belly cover behind the valve handles... either by taking the cover down... or by cutting into the cover so you can look inside.

    Look at the back side of the valve handle area... behind where it is attached to the frame. There is a chance that the wire cable came lose from the handle.

    If that part of the cable looks ok.. then as HNeighbors said... it may have come detached from the valve body.

    Good Luck !


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    Lazygranch, I'm no expert buuuuut this is what I found under my 3400rl. I had a blockage in my black water tank and had to start taking things apart. The area of the valves are just after the dropped belly by the drain hookup. First there were a few things to unscrew such as the straps that hold the lp gas line and a bracket that holds the dump line up. Then I removed enough screws to be able to pull down the underbelly and look inside. You may have to cut it along the dropped belly. It's screwed from the top. Carefully with a razor knife. Don't cut deep. There are a lot of wires in there. Maybe a foot + long. You should see the valves for the black and one gray tank. I think it's the kitchen water. As you know the valves are opperated with a cable. Have someone open and close the valves at the docking station and you should see the cable move the valve in and out. The cable may have come appart or the plastic housing may have broken. If you have to replace because of breakage, it's not made to come apart. What I did was cut about five inches out of the 1 1/2 inch pipe that connects two tanks. Then the valves can be serviced. I bought two 1 1/2 inch rubber plumbing couplings available at Home Depot or other similar store when I reassembled using the cut out piece. Taped the cut underbelly. Good as new.
    Remember, I'm no pro and others may have better ideas.
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    I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your input and help--as soon as this storm blows through upper Utah I will be able to get under and check ALL of the infor that I have received---AGAIN THANKS TO ALL
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    Hey Frank,
    I've had to take apart the black and gray 1 valves and did NOT have to cut out any sections of pipe. There should be just enough give to remove and replace the valves (if necessary). Just be careful of the O rings that go between the valve and the pipe on each side. It's fairly easy to get one twisted. You find that out after you have everything reassembled and try to dump the full tank.
    Good luck,

    P.S. I also cut sections of the underbelly to get to the valves. Just cut on 3 sides and fold back. Makes it a little easier to tape back up.
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