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Thread: M32 - Adding stow-and-go handles

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    M32 - Adding stow-and-go handles

    Good Morning fellow campers.

    We did not like the small handles that come standard on both doors to the Mallard M32. Especially the rear one is hard to grab with the awning frame being very close to it. Hence we decided to replace them with two Stow-and-Go handles from Amazon

    The front is easily replaced, using the top drill holes as is and drilling new holes for the bottom handle holder. Old bottom holes were sealed and painted over.

    The rear is a little more complicated due to insufficient mounting space. Ended up using a dremel to make small cutouts into the door frame to remove the top layer of the U-shaped frame. Had to use 1 x .5 inches spacers next to it to give the handle a flat surface, then used 3 screws each to attach to frame. Sealed inside and around the cutout and voila - a perfect swing handle is in place.

    See attached picture / post back with questions.
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