Hello everyone,

First of all, it was great to visit with Erika at the Fort Worth show last weekend. Second of all, thanks Erika for your perspective on everything in that recent post. Itís very easy for me to make excuses for poor quality, craftsmanship, etc., but sadly very few people go online to post positive feedback. One of the great reasons I love the owners forums is so constructive dialogue can be freely communicated. Dan, Erika, Jim and you all do a great job of that.

I might have said this before, but whenever I get to give a plant tour, I always point out that there are no robots in our factory. I usually get a confused look but when I expand and discuss how nearly 90% of RVs, from chassis welds to furniture stitches, are built by human hands, everyone quickly gains perspective.

Fact is, nobody and no factory is perfect. I had a dealer recently tell me that another OEM who has been very good with their public relations regarding their "exemplary quality", is ďjust like everyone elseĒ. Thatís not a knock on them but a general statement that we all (hopefully) try our best, but we canít be perfect. We can, however, have quality control initiatives, in-line QC standards, and offline audit bays, as examples, to ensure that quality standards are met as best as possible. Iím confident that Landmark does this in Plant 2.

That said, we are proud at Team Landmark to still offer our exclusive to Heartland 2-year warranty. This is a statement of confidence from us to you that we stand behind what we build.

Thanks for reading, hope to see many of you in Tampa next week. We will have all 6 floor plans there on display, a teaser for our new front living room, and I know our dealer is looking forward to a huge week!

Andy Wesdorp
Landmark and Road Warrior GM