Wood Frame on Back Wall?


We are currently renovating a 2008 Big Country 3250TS that we bought last year. This is our 3rd RV renovation, so we are quite familiar with repairing wood rot, replacing framing, replacing filon, etc. This unit looked to be well cared for overall, but likely sat neglected after some years and several leaks developed. We continue to be impressed with the build quality of the unit, and the aluminum wall framing has made the unit super easy to repair.

Which leads me to my question: every wall is framed in welded aluminum except the back wall....it's just 2x2 wood framing. We're trying to determine if the unit was built like this intentionally, and if so, why not use aluminum framing in the rear wall? Or was the unit built with aluminum framing in the rear wall and somewhere along the line it was repaired incorrectly with wood? Anybody know?


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The rear as well as the front are wood framed.
I don't know why.



Dave thanks for the fast reply. The front has that one-piece fiberglass cap so not surprised they used wood there, but crazy that they didn't do the back in aluminum though. The back wall appears to have been repaired at some point, but whoever tried to fix it did a half-arsed job at best, so I get to re-repair it!