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This is our first TT and I have to say I'm very unhappy with the experience so far. We've had the Pioneer DS320 for about 6 weeks and this weekend was our 2nd outing. It's a good thing we chose to be close to home. We've had a myriad of issues with the TT since the purchase.

Let me start by saying that the build quality is 3rd world at best. I've seen better build quality from cookie cutter subdivision houses. I wonder if there's an actual quality control division or anyone that actually checks behind these guys. Are the minimum wage workers or temps? I couldn't take any pride in my work if I did work like this.

When we received the unit, it was beyond filthy. There was wood shavings in the lights, metal and wood shavings under all of the mattresses, shavings all over the floors, etc. It was beyond dirty. I discovered this weekend how dirty it really was when I had to get under the sink and discovered all of the cutouts discarded on the floor from the installation of the wiring boxes, along with all of the other waste. The outdoor kitchen was absolutely FULL of metal and wood shavings. It literally took a vacuum hose to get everything pulled out.

The back door to the restroom has been a nightmare since the beginning. The frame to the door is bent and the door doesn't function properly. The door handle is a bit loose on top of it. Today I found out how jacked up the door really is when going 55 mph down the road and the restroom door flopped open. I figured that one of my children must have come behind me and unlocked the door and left it loosely closed. Nope. Locked up as tight as it could be. I had to slam it shut. HARD.

The first time the front slide was closed, someone had apparently used a screw that was too long in the flooring and it ripped a hole in the vinyl flooring. The rear slide on the interior has a portion of the lower wall pulled away from the slide. On the outside of the front slide, the screws to the wheel well cover were screwed in at an angle causing the plastic to stick out of the from the side of the slide. The outer metal trim on the lower part is bent outwards as well.

This weekend, we discovered all of the water leaks. First, there was what I assume to be a pump under the kitchen sink that had a slow leak. We discovered it after the water started running out beneath the counter and into the living area. The second leak was under the toilet and was running out of the door before we discovered it. The third leak was when I was flushing the black water tank and water immediately started flowing into the bunk house and into the carpeted area from beneath the window bunk. We had to use three towels in the attempt to get as much of the water up as we could.

This is very frustrating as all of this shouldn't be an issue in the slightest. ESPECIALLY the water leaks. I could over look all of this if there wasn't water leaking into the camper. Now I have to worry about mildew and mold and my wife is extremely asthmatic. Camping World is saying it will be at least a week before they can even look at it.

I'm really wondering if I shouldn't have done better research on the build quality of the Heartland brand. I'm sure that most of these units under the Fleetwood brand are built to the same standards.


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You should have done research on Camping World they are the worst. All your problems could have been found with a good PDI. Take your time and work thru it, you can fix it your self faster and better. All easy fixes.


It almost sounds like you need ... your own expert to look at everything. It's still irritating that you can't trust people to sell a quality product. The bottom line is that it came from Heartland with those issues.
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The blackwater tank flusher massive "leak" is most likely a failure of the plastic atmospheric breaker valve. This is usually blamed on high incoming water pressure, but the jury is still out on that one. Don't use the tank flusher again until this is fixed.

Here is one of a few previous threads on the atmospheric vacuum breaker in the black tank flusher:
https://heartlandowners.org/showthread.php/69881-Black-tank-flush-vacuum-breaker There are 5 more previous threads on the vacuum breaker at the bottom of any of the pages of the linked thread under "Similar Threads".

On edit: The B&B Molders plastic atmospheric breaker valve is sold on Amazon rebranded as a JR Products item for $24. On the same Amazon page there is a link to this BRASS 1/2 inch atmospheric breaker valve that sells for $8.04 : https://www.amazon.com/Cash-Acme-17...coding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=1HXX18EXCRNA810RTYER In the questions on the brass valve the question for using it as a substitute in RV's is expressly answered as YES. You will need to add 1/2 inch PEX tubing fittings to the brass valve, though.

So why doesn't Heartland use the more reliable brass fitting that costs $8.04 instead of the B&B molders cheap(?) plastic fitting for $24???
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Do all the research you want. They are thrown together, shoddy workmanship combined with crap components, but they all are, so if you want an RV this is what you get. The idea is that you buy a thrown together RV and spend the first year under warranty getting the things that should have been done right, fixed. I knew this going into it and expected things to go wrong. I also read the reviews and expected horrible customer service when it came time to get repairs done.

The craftsmanship has not disappointed. Auto level does not work, rear canopy does not work, leaks in the primary toilet and under the primary sink, screws falling out of the door, trim coming loose, window dressings not working right, windows jamming, bubbles in the roof material.....and that is just the first month. Fixed the small things myself.

Really the only thing that caught me by surprise was how bad the customer service was after the purchase. I knew it would be bad, just not this bad. When I called to inquire about the canopy, the service techs pretty much only knew how to install them. Recently I tried to schedule a time to bring mine in for warranty repairs. They told me it would have to wait until next year in January. We live in Michigan. Lakeshore is in northern Michigan. So I am going to haul my 44 foot toyhauler up north in the dead of winter, should be fun.

I am used to horrible customer service, I ride a Harley, but the RV industry had made me appreciate Harley. But it is a beautiful rig. Things will eventually get fixed. Really the only thing that worries me is the roof, but one way or another we will get it done.

Probably the only thing that I said I would not do, but did, is buy the extended warranty. I am glad I did because I'm not sure we will even be able to get back in within a year.


Thanks for the advice. We also purchased the extended warranty after I saw how much out of pocket expenses there were for major repairs.

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Sorry to hear about your issues after delivery. Of all of the issues that you listed, it would appear that the water leaks, restroom door and slide/flooring issues are the most problematic. Although you are not impressed with overall quality and cleanliness, I think you will find that that is normal throughout the industry. We have owned our unit since new in 2014, and I regularly have to clean sawdust out of lights and vents. It seems that bouncing down the road shakes it out. Just part of the the joy of ownership. Others have written in the past of similar water leak issues as you have experienced, and I guess that suggests that regular checking of fittings and connections is just part of maintenance. I have had leaks (minor) from time to time, and found that some fittings just shake loose over time and rough roads. We have been lucky that we haven't had a serious flood (YET!), but I check everything several times a year when we are on the road. The bathroom door issue sounds like you will need to get the Dealer and/or Heartland involved as this could pose a serious safety concern if the door opens in transit. The latch may be mis-aligned, but it's hard to say without being able to see it. The damaged flooring sounds like a straight up warranty issue and also should be dealt with by Heartland.

Good luck with your rig, and I hope you enjoy it more once the issues have been resolved.


Thank you for encouragement. Makes me feel a little better knowing that others face the same challenges. I guess my bubble of expectations were a bit high. Overall, the kids love it so I'm going to stick with it.

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Find a independent RV repair business near you that will work with Heartland for your warranty work. Heartland works with many. They don't sell RV's and rely on their reputations to stay in business. Many on the form have done so and so did I with very good results. They do not want you RV sitting in their yard taking up space, so they get it done as quickly as possible. Don't go to Camping World for RV repairs.


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It appears as though Camping World has not changed much over the years. The best advise is to find a Mobile Tech that is approved by Heartland to resolve your problems.

BTY document the water leaks very well because they can cause long term problems.... that may show up after warranty expiration...


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Camping World stinks - don't take your rig there. We had to have one of our slides repaired for a hydraulic leak. They had to replace part of the underbelly - and rather than position the overlapping material toward the rear of the trailer, it was catching all the air from traveling down the road. Not our first experience with Camping World's slapdash repairs, but our last.

Get an independent service facility to do the work if you can.


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Unlike buying a car, for instance.... these very expensive RV's arent idiot proof. There is no way anyone these days would ever buy a car, or truck expecting to have so many issues. My bubble got popped years ago with the first RV we bought new. What an eye opener for sure. regardless of price point they all have similar issues. Unfortunately for you yours was built on a friday.

I thought I would just spend a lot more money and maybe not have the issues, not so. Go to the DRV forum, and see what all those owners are experiencing with their $100k and up rigs. They are all built by hand by people, who these days are in a hurry to get the out the door.

We just bought a new fifth wheel, and it took me three weeks to go thru it to vet out all the known gotchas, before we took it out to camp in it for the first time. Mind you this was a new off the lot RV!


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I know that it is frustrating, fix all of the things you can yourself. There is a wealth of information on this forum and a ton of folks willing to help you to diagnose and guide you through most repairs. While you are at it go ahead and tighten all of the screw together water connections under sinks etc. I am on my third rig and all had loose connections to the faucets. Also check the connections behind where you hook up to city water. Found loose ones there also. Do as you have been clean as you go and pay attention to what you see while in the deep dark recesses of your rig. In no time you will have most things fixed and have it done in a fraction of the time while learning about your rig. Keep some tools with you when you travel, because rarely will anything fail in your driveway. As suggested, find a good mobile tech or an RV repair shop that doesn't make it's income primarily from selling RVs. Most things will be taken care of in short order. Enjoy the ride and safe travels. Join the Heartland Owners Club(it's free!) and come see us at the 2019 SC Heartland Owners Club Rally https://heartlandowners.org/showthr...land-5-3-2019-to-5-5-2019?p=602087#post602087


I'm attempting to find a mobile tech, but not having much luck. I've reached out to heartland for assistance as well. Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement.

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Too bad you are not attending the Georgia rally next weekend. Not only would you get lots of help but you would get help finding a good, proven mobile tech. That happened at our AZ rally last weekend. Discovered 3 of us used the same mobile tech, which lead to 2 others (one from Phoenix) taking his number to use.