Need Advice 2014 Heartland Big Country 3450TS 5th wheel BEDROOM SLIDE LEAKING


Good morning everyone, I appreciate any helpful tips which I thank you in Advance!
Have a 2014 Heartland 3450TS 5th wheel, We winterized and closed 5th wheel for season (all slides in) this winter noticed that when it rains the bedroom slide/pantry cabinets slide is leaking (again slide is in)
100% not coming from roof……..
While chasing the leak noticed that on each bottom of the slide there are 2 little drain holes from factory that’s where water eventually gets to and leaks onto carpet from the 2 drain holes.
It’s worse in the bedroom side, but on same exact spot on other end of slide (by the steps to bedroom/panty door there are 2 little drains holes that leak there as well.
I have recaulked factory caulk lines to no prevail, I believe water is coming in somewhere along the slide and eventually making it to drain holes which in theory are doing their job allowing the water to not sit.
(Currently place bowl on each side again bedroom side has majority of water but is dripping on both sides)
100 percent sure not roof, camper is not exactly leveled sitting on gravel, but not to far off. Any suggestions on where to look.
I appreciate any ideas.


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Check and make sure your drain holes are not plugged. Also check and make sure the slide is sealing correctly.

Using a bright flashlight shine it along the slide-out and have somebody inside looking to see if they see any light coming thru. Do all the wat around, but I would start with the top sweeper. The top sweeper may not be making contact all the way across allowing water to stay on the
slide-out when it is brought in.