No weep holes in slide out windows


Hello everybody!

I am new to forums but I cannot find an answer to my issue or anyone who has had the same issue. I am hoping someone here might have an answer to the problem.

I have a 2020 Heartland North Trail 31BHDD and it has one slide out for the living room/Dinette, which has 2 large sliding windows across the longest side and 2 smaller fixed windows in the sides. Now we have always noticed a pool of water in what I assumed was the water catch for the weep holes, but it never looked like it was draining. After the rain we've had here, I did notice that our table cusions were damp so I went out on a clear day and attempted to clean out the weep holes in the windows but that is when I noticed the weep holes were on the outside of the frame buuuuuut there were NO weep holes on the inside of the frame for water to drain to the ouside.

has anyone else had this issue? And if so did you just drill some weep hole?


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