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Thread: NC 29RKS Questions

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    NC 29RKS Questions

    The wife and I are purchasing a North Country 29RKS LS to use on a RV Lot we own in a 55+ Park located in McAllen, Tx. We liked the floor plan and the size of the trailer feeling it would meet our needs and fit on the lot without problems. We are still left with some questions.
    • In the bedroom the nightstands extend out beyond the shirt closets. Do the top surfaces of the extended night stands open for storage use?
    • We've asked the dealer to have Heartland replace the booth dinette with a dinette and chairs. The dealer showed us a dinette set used by Heartland in another model. What are the table dimensions?
    • The floor plan does not provide individual dimensions of the "rooms". I can roughly figure out that the floor plans are on a 1/4 in to 1 foot scale to estimate the rooms sizes of the 29RKS. I am primarily interested in the length of each room and the width and length of the slide unit.
    • In leveling the trailer I want to place 2" X 8" lumber under the tires. How long is the distance from the outside diameter of each tire?
    Thanks for any info.

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    We own a 2010 NC LS 29RKS and we have found the shirt closets to be useless really. They are way too small. They do not open for storage, the night stand tops that is. I don't think the table and chairs is an option in this one. The table is one that you can take and move anywhere and use. Mine is in the shop having a lot of warranty work done on it so I can't measure anything for you. I did cut my lumber for the wheels at three feet and that works. I would recommend using the chocks that expand between the wheels to keep the unit from rocking as much, they are really effective. Oh, Heartland is fixing everything I have asked for, they have stood behind their product 110%. Just check your cargo doors to make sure all the screws are set properly and the screw heads aren't broke off....mine were and caused water leaks into the bedroom. Sway control is a MUST with a unit this long. We originally only had the friction sway control and had to upgrade to the Dual Cam sway control. Anything else, let me know.
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    hanging shelves for closet rods

    One item I have purchased in my travel trailers are those hanging canvas shelves for utilizing the closet spaces. They are available at most stores that sell organizing products, i.e., KMart, Walmart, Target, Bed,Bath,&Beyond, and check out online retailers for better quality and size selection. I also installed another closet rod in my bathroom upper closet area of our NC 30FKS but this closet is more shallow than bedrooms so I may end up making a hanging shelf in this cupboard. Then I am researching the plastic stacking drawers for the lower half of the closets as I only use a 3-shelf hanging unit in our trailer. The closets are still wide enough we can also hang a couple hangers next to the shelves!

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