1. B

    New Owner: 21FBS + 2011 F150 Super Cab 4X4 RV Towing Recomendations

    We are new to RV towing and would like to get feedback on compatibility of our truck (2011 F150 V8 Super Cab 4X4 Factory Brake Controller) with a 2016 Heartland Northtrail 21FBS. Is the 2011 F150 a reasonable match for the 21FBS? Also looking for suggestions and feedback on: - Hitch...
  2. G

    Just inking the deal on soon-to-be ours: 2011 North Trail 21fbs

    The boyfriend and I have been intensely searching and researching the right RV for our entry level selves. His family is experienced with RV lifestyle and I have never been inside one before meeting him... WHAT A NEW AND AWESOME WORLD!!! We found a terrific deal on a North Trail 21fbs - which...
  3. N

    Bad timing I guess

    Hello all, We just picked up our new 2014 21FBS last week that was built in Sep. 2013, kind of getting an early jump on the next year I guess. :confused: With temps getting into the 20's tonight we had to go ahead and winterize. I guess we'll just have to take it out and not use the water...
  4. R

    Take it easy on the Heartland wannabe!

    I just registered a few minutes ago. Over the years we've been through many camping methods. Starting with tents and popups with the kids. Tried a small pickup camper after kids for a while. Then tried a Casita trailer (too small) for a couple of years. I'm retired and my wife retires in...
  5. R

    2011 heartland North Trail 21FBS JACK SIZE?????????????

    Hey, I know there is no chance anyone will be up... and certainly not one who has a North Trail like mine... JAMES, WHERE ARE YOU??? :) But, I need to know the size of the Jack on our camper! I'm trying to place an order. I have to choose either a 2" or a 2 1/4" size...
  6. Brad

    installed my EMS (surge protector) in NT 21FBS (pics)

    I had resigned myself to thinking I needed an outdoor/portable surge protector, but I really wanted a hardwired unit. A few weeks ago I noticed for the first time that the panel below and to the right of the sink (when looking at the sink) in my North Trail 21FBS is removable. The second I saw...
  7. Brad

    My 21FBS at Villanueva State Park (NM)

    DW and I spent the weekend at Villanueva State Park in New Mexico. Absolutely gorgeous site right on the Pecos River.
  8. B

    Just ordered our North Trail 21fbs

    Hello All, We went to the Kansas City RV Show this weekend, just to look of course. We already have a 2007 High wall pop-up camper. We first saw the heartland edge m21, and really liked it (our friends bought one). The North Trail was tucked back in a corner, and we almost missed it. We...
  9. K

    2011 21FBS Bike Rack

    We just brought our new 2011 21FBS home and we are having difficulty mounting two bikes on the rack. The rack only allows about 15 inches between the mounting post and the back of the trailer. This doesn't allow enough room to house two adult bikes without adjusting the handle bars so they...
  10. M

    21fbs propane tanks

    I was wondering if there is an indication as to when the propane tanks are getting low. On the duel tanks, do they automatically switch to the other tank when one is empty or do you swap over manually. I saw a green dot on the valve area, is that some sort of indicator? Thanks for all your help!
  11. R

    Hitch mount on 21FBS

    Would like to mount a hitch receiver on the rear of our new 21FBS for the purpose of carrying our generator - is that something that can be done and if so are there any recommendations that Heartland can make?
  12. R

    21FBS kitchen sink window valence

    Just picked up our new 2010 21 FBS - what a great TT - only question we have is - should there be a valence over the kitchen sink window and if not can we order one? Thanks
  13. M

    furnace northtrail 21fbs

    Does the furnace work only with propane? Or can it run just by electricity? Thanks
  14. K

    2011 21fbs changes

    We are ordering a 2011 model and are having difficulty determining changes from the 2010 models. Please indentify changes in standard features as well as optional features that may change from 2010 to 2011 models. Are there also any decor changes from the current three colors? Thanks, Ken
  15. G

    TV Mount Weight limits

    We would like to mount a flat screen TV in our new 2010 21FBS. We were hoping to hang a 32" LCD. What is the maximum TV weight that the wall stud can handle? Joe & Helen Gorlesky
  16. J

    TV wal mount in 21FBS North Trail

    I want to mount a 26" TV using a wall mount. I would like to know the thickness of the wall between the TV station and bathroom. Thanks JOEGIANNINA
  17. zuyzuy

    21FBS versus Komfort Lite 221LS

    Hi Folks, I need your guys help on something. I am sure someone have encountered this during their decision to purchase trailer. The 21FBS is almost identical to Komfort Lite 221LS http://www.komfort-rv.com/tours/tour-komfort_lite.pdf They 21FBS is slightly more expensive, but they have...
  18. B

    Hot Water Tank 21FBS

    I am a new owner of a 21FBS and did not have a "walk through" on the unit when I bought it (bought it in Michigan and had it delivered to Texas), anyway I have been learning about the trailer by asking questions and reading various forums such as this one. I have a question concerning the...
  19. B

    Heartland North Trail 21FBS

    Has anyone ever had their "Slide out" fail to operate? If so, how do you get the slide out to go out or back in if the motor fails? I was told to take off the top panel and use a hand drill along with the tool that was sent with the trailer to get the slike out to work. My other question is...
  20. B

    Heartland North Trail 21FBS

    Just bought a new (2010) North Trail 21FBS travel trailer and so far I just love it. My question is who out there also owns a 21 FBS and what if any problems have you experienced with it? One thing I don't like about the trailer is where the spare tire is located (underneath the trailer...
  21. M

    heartland 21fbs - screen door latch - where is it?

    we just purchased and brought home our new north trail 21fbs. Does any one know if the screen door has a latch to hold it closed? When i just had the screen door closed, i did not find anywhere to latch it. Is it not susposed to have a latch for it? Thanks, Marsha
  22. M

    1/2 ton trk pulling north trail 21fbs

    I'm in the process of purchasing a north trail 21fbs. I'm having an equalizer sway hitch installed and I will be pulling it with a 2006 chevy k1500 4wd crew cab truck. Will I have any problems pulling it with my truck and does the sway bar really help. As you can see i'm a little apprensive...
  23. M

    north trail 21fbs vs. edge m21

    I've been asking about the edge m21, but in my research, i'm liking the heartland north trail 21fbs...i really like the stand up shower in the bathroom and it also has a half time oven, where as the edge has no oven and tub/shower in the bathroom. It seems that i may get more for the money in...
  24. Hunter

    21fbs - Modification to table

    One of the things that we did not like about the 21fbs was the fact that the table had to be put down while traveling. We like to stop at truck stops or along the side of the road and make a coffee and just sit at the table and have a rest. The 21fbs was lacking this feature, but, my husband...
  25. JChatt

    New North Trail 21FBS

    Hello everyone, We went through the typical stages, our first camper was a Palomino PopUp, followed by a Rockwood Roo Hybrid. While browsing the internet, I saw a SunValley Bridgeport, liked the layout, it had a slide, and looked large for a 24' camper, best of all it was within my perceived...
  26. R

    Heartland 21fbs

    Hi Everyone, We are looking to purchase the north trail 21fbs,is their anyone that has this TT:confused:?? What vehicle are you towing with,any problems etc any info please:p.
  27. D

    Table forming a bed in a 21FBS

    I cannot remember how the sales person showed me to convert the dine net back cushions into a bed ? He did it so the cushions worked out perfectly..? Thanks
  28. C

    The 21FBS sink...

    Hi all, We are looking forward to purchasing a 21FBS next spring. I keep looking over pictures online and everything looks perfect to me except for one aspect... The angled sink seems awkward to me from the pictures. Also, there doesn't seem to be a lot of countertop space for use while...

    New 09 21fbs

    We love our new toy but we have had some problems, a big selling point was the drawer guides, on our walk thru we found ( NO LATCHES ) the dealer installed some roller latches before our trip home, whats up with this???? Also if I fill the fresh water tank the panel says it full all weekend ? if...
  30. K

    21fbs sink covers

    I am in the process of ordering my new 21fbs and I want sink covers. How do I get them??? Thanks, Keith
  31. K

    21FBS dinette cushions, Option??

    I have seen both standard and radiused corners in the u-shaped dinette cushions. Is this an option?, as I don't see it listed. I am talking about where the cushions meet in the corner. Thanks, Keith