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    Discussion Thread for: Heartland Owners Club Contact Information

    Please use this thread to discuss Contact Information for the Heartland Owners Club. Please do not use this thread to discussion other matter. Jim
  2. J

    Contact Person for Heartland Owners Club

    We have established a single point of contact for the Heartland Owners Club. That contact is: Jim Beletti President, Heartland Owners Club You may contact Jim with any questions, comments or issues you may have with the Heartland Owners Club. Click here for a link to the Club Phone Number...
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    Phone Number for Heartland Owners Club

    We have established a phone number for the Heartland Owners Club. That number is: 336-446-9462 or 336-44MYHOC Note: This is not Heartland Customer Service. That number is 877-262-8032 and their email address is You may dial that number directly from anywhere within...
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    Hey Passport America members…. Got an iPhone?

    Hey Passport America members…. Got an iPhone? Check out the Campground Finder App from PPA:
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    CLUB Menu Improvements

    Hi all, Today, Michael Kidd made some improvements to the CLUB link on the Portal/Forum NavBar (menu). The CLUB menu item now has a drop-down menu. Here's what it looks like: Hope this helps people navigate directly to the aspect of the Club that they seek. Jim
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    EVENT: RV Show: FL, Tampa* - 1/13/2010 to 1/17/2010

    4800 US Hwy. 301 North,Tampa, FL 33610 Venue: ------------------------------ Florida RV SuperShow 4800 US Hwy. 301 North Tampa, FL 33610 Pets ok?: Yes - No Fee WiFi available: No Details: ------------------------------ From: 1/13/2010 to: 1/17/2010...
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    Heartland Owners Club - Flag (3'x5')

    Hey all, I had a 3' x 5' Heartland Owners Club flag made. See the attached images. I have asked Martin Marketing to make up 25 of them for the Club. As soon as they are in stock, I will advise via this thread. The cost will be $59 + shipping. These flags are printed in full color, one-side...
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    Update your Details - Here's how to do it

    Have you changed your address, phone number, email, RV etc.? When you joined the forum, did you supply only minimal information? Below are links you may visit now to take care of it all: Forum User Profile Updates: // Heartland Customer Service...
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    Garden Flag and Travel Mug - Club Logo - Now available

    Martin Marketing, our official apparel and logo item products vendor has added 2 new items to their website. Garden Flag Travel Mug Here's a link to their site. Jim
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    Welcome to the New Jersey Chapter of the Heartland Owners Club. Your chapter leader is: * Deb Bylinski (dbylinski) (profile) The boundaries of this chapter are: Entire state of New Jersey
  11. LSPTpr

    club member 1074 (sold out)

    well, i guess i sold out on my 5th. have been playing numbers with a dealership and ended up trading in my 3600rl and truck for a 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage Motorhome. I never posted much but read all the time. just wanted to say thanks for the advice when i did post and that it was...
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    Club Headquarters Newsletters

    Attached is a copy of the "Lost" January 2009 Heartland Owners Club Newsletter that not sent out to Club Members. Oops :eek: Jim Beletti
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    Chapter Leader Introduction

    Hello everyone, Robert and Marion Wengler have stepped up to become the first Chapter Leader for the State of Colorado. They are planning their first chapter rally for 2009. If you are a Heartland product owner and live in Colorado, please join me in congratulating Robert and Marion and maybe...
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    JOIN / MANAGE - Click here to join the club or manage your club profile

    Congratulations for making the decision to join the Heartland Owners Club! Here is what you will need to have ready before you begin the membership process: Your Username that you used when registering for the Forum. Your Password that you used when registering for the Forum. Model and...
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    DUES - Click here for information on Club dues

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    BENEFITS - Click here for a list of club benefits

    <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_start --> <!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_start --> <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_thread_first_post_content -->Heartland Owners Club - Benefits* This forum is read-only. If you have a question about Club benefits, please...
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    FAQs - Click here to review frequently asked questions about the club

    Heartland Owners Club Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) This forum is read-only. If you have a question that is not answered below, please click here to send the club your question. If you have a question, others may have the same one. Please don't be shy :) Regions/Chapters: Q. How are...
  18. truknutt

    Camping World/Good Sam's Club Coupons

    I received the latest e-mail flyer from Camping World this morning promoting GOOD SAM DAYS Oct 9-12. I see they have a 25% discount on installations if you are a Good Sam Member. Someone out there needs something installed, don't they? Here is a link to the coupon specials. Be safe &...
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    New "required" profile fields (City and State/Province)

    In an effort to prepare the database of users for the upcoming launch of the Heartland Owners Club, we have changed the requirements of two user profile fields to "required". They are: - City - State / Province This would be the city and state/province where you receive mail. Note that we are...